Prayer Page - Building Strong Foundations

“Whoever hears my words…is like a man…building a foundation on rock” Luke 6:46-48

As we continue to build a foundation of prayer for our school, we thank you for your continued and faithful commitment to be a Prayer Partner for the Colorado Lutheran High School Association, and thank you for being a part of how God is changing and transforming the lives of our students and families. As we seek to move forward, and preserve and grow this ministry to our children and the youth of our communities in these changing and challenging times, we feel that prayer is a vital key to all that we do. As we observe the 500th anniversary of the Reformation this month, we are reminded of the great opportunity we have to proclaim the truth of God’s Word and salvation to students on a daily basis. Through the power and the direction of our risen Lord, as we seek Him in prayer, we will accomplish the task he has called us to at our Lutheran High School.

October 2017

  • We pray for all of the families that we serve through our school. Pray that the Lord would guard and protect the jobs and finances of these families so that their children will be able to attend. Pray for God’s presence to be in these homes, for good communication between parents and children, for spiritual growth, and for peace and unity.

  • Pray for the teaching staff of our school to continue to be encouraged and strengthened each day for the task they have been called to. Pray for a healthy balance between work, family and rest. Pray for continued growth in their own faith and relationship with Jesus Christ as they mentor students in their faith walk.

  • Pray for the spiritual growth of all of our students. Pray for a deepening of faith, for growth in integrating that faith and their relationship with Jesus into their everyday lives. Pray that their hearts will be transformed by the love of Jesus that they experience at our school.

  • Pray for our students as they face the temptations, peer pressure, and choices of alcohol and drugs. Pray for their protection and for the strength and courage to “say no.” Pray for the Lord to help our students to make good and healthy choices in their lives. Pray that our campus would be protected and be free from drugs and alcohol. For students that struggle with these addictions, pray that our school would be able to help them and their families get the help they need.

  • Continue to pray for the Colorado Lutheran High School Association Board of Directors and Executive Director, Dan Gehrke, Admissions and Marketing Director, Hannah Buchholz and our principal, David Ness, as they continue to pursue a strategic plan to help this ministry deal with current challenges and prepare for future growth, so that we can put the association in position for a positive and healthy future. Pray for wisdom, guidance, insight, direction, creativity and the ability to think beyond the normal way of doing things. Pray the Lord’s provisions and for spiritual protection from any of Satan’s attacks.

  • Praise the Lord for a very successful Lutheran High School Open House in September that was well attended by families and prospective students. Pray that this event will bear much fruit.

  • Pray for the Annual CLHSA Auction on November 17th. Pray for many donations to be received and for this event to be a great success. Pray for energy, strength and stamina for all who are planning this event.