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Student Success

“One of the biggest problems in education recently is the regurgitation of useless information.” 

Listen as our Principal and Assistant Principal talk through what academic success looks like at LuHi and how students are prepared for life after high school.

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"I have a daughter currently attending Lutheran High. I would trust every person that works here to give her advice. I'm not sure many heads of school can say that about their school." — Dan Gehrke, Executive Director

Why Christian Ed?

The goal of many - if not all - Christian schools is to prepare students to continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus far beyond high school and be well equipped to explain and defend their faith. The importance of this faith preparation is valuable far beyond academic preparation for college and careers. Here are 3 points to consider as you look into Christian education.

3 Reasons for Christian Ed


Mission Matters

Listen to Executive Director, Dan Gehrke, talk about how "surviving high school" isn't how we do things around here. Surrounding students with adults who care, an environment where culture matters, and a Christian worldview will make all the difference.

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LuHi Core Values & Mission Statement

- We surround your students with highly talented teachers.
- We provide a highly relational environment.
- We are rooted in Holy Scripture.

Lutheran High School is a Christian school that nurtures academic excellence and encourages growth in Christ.

What has surprised me so much these past few years has been the amazing sense of community and belonging that I've felt here at Lutheran. I had never expected to find a community so strong and so grounded in Christ in a school, which is why I know that this is where I was meant to be. – Chase Campbell, Class of 2019