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Art Academy

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The Art Academy is for:

  • Students who desire to use their God-given artistic talents to love their school and community in the name of Jesus.
  • Students who love the creative process and are considering or have decided to pursue a career in an art field.
  • Students who want to achieve artistic excellence through a rigorous program consisting of skill development, research, exploration, and experimentation.
  • Students who would honor and appreciate extended times to work on projects and are serious about a commitment to expand their creativity and extend their knowledge while building a portfolio.
  • Students who could thrive in a program in which creative thought and courageous intellectual risk-taking is encouraged and developed.
  • Students who are interested in learning art disciplines, methods, and techniques from other artists (mentors).

The coursework requirement for the Art Academy includes:

  • 9th grade:  Intro to Art (semester) and an art elective (semester)
  • 10th grade:  Two semesters of art electives
  • 11th grade:  Two blocks of Art Academy (specialized curriculum designed to complete a portfolio)
  • 12th grade:  Two blocks of Art Academy (specialized curriculum)

For those who are serious about a career in art, The Art Academy is the rigorous final aspect of the curriculum. Academy students have extended class periods, high-quality materials, and mentors to help them prepare in the area of their choice. Students develop a top notch portfolio explicitly geared for that college major. Creativity and process are honored above product in this unique learning environment.

Details about the community collaboration component and the capstone project for the Art Academy will be announced in January for juniors to complete before or during their senior year.

2018-2019 Applications

Download the Art Academy application here.

See Mark Hollenbeck's, Head of the Art Department, blog here.

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