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Art Academy

2020 Capstone Projects

View the 2020 Junior and Senior Capstone Projects here.

The Art Academy is for:

  • Students who desire to use their God-given artistic talents to love their school and community in the name of Jesus.
  • Students who love the creative process and are considering or have decided to pursue a career in an art field.
  • Students who want to achieve artistic excellence through a rigorous program consisting of skill development, research, exploration, and experimentation.
  • Students who would honor and appreciate extended times to work on projects and are serious about a commitment to expand their creativity and extend their knowledge while building a portfolio.
  • Students who could thrive in a program in which creative thought and courageous intellectual risk-taking is encouraged and developed.
  • Students who are interested in learning art disciplines, methods, and techniques from other artists (mentors).

The coursework requirement for the Art Academy includes:

  • 11th grade:  Two class periods of Art Academy (specialized curriculum designed to complete a portfolio)
  • 12th grade:  Two class periods of Art Academy (specialized curriculum designed to complete a portfolio)

For those who are serious about a career in art, the Capstone Project is the rigorous final aspect of the curriculum. Academy students have extended class periods, high-quality materials, and mentors to help them prepare in the area of their choice. Students develop a top-notch portfolio explicitly geared for that college major. Creativity and process are honored above product in this unique learning environment.

2022-2023 Applications

Download the Art Academy application here.

See Mark Hollenbeck's, Head of the Art Department, blog here.

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