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3 Reasons Why Embracing Change is so Important to High Schoolers

Posted by Paul Blomenberg on Jul 31, 2019 1:24:00 PM

IMG_1263High school is a tumultuous time for many young men and women. There are a lot of changes going on! Physical, emotional, and literal changes to surroundings can be challenging for teenagers. It’s a busy, crucial time in their development; and a supportive environment at home and at school is incredibly important.

Here at Lutheran High, we meet with parents frequently who are concerned that changing schools and joining the LuHi family, although beneficial for their emotional, spiritual, academic development, may be challenging for their children. We understand!

To help you as a parent to nurture your child’s development, and teach him or her how to embrace change through a move to LuHi (or any other change), we’ve identified three (3) core reasons why embracing change is so important for high schoolers:

1. Helps them learn how to be flexible and adapt to other situations.

While high school is certainly a time of turbulence for teenagers/high schoolers, embracing change now can help them develop flexibility and adaptability to situations later in life. Changing high schools, or leaving middle school for a different high school than many of your classmates, can seem intimidating for teenagers.

Yet, in just a few years, an even BIGGER change is coming. You guessed it, heading to college! While changing high schools or choosing a different school now may seem like an insurmountable change for your high schooler, weathering this change (and thriving from this change) will emotionally prepare your child for the bigger changes that are to come.

Looking beyond college, people move, change jobs, get married – these are all major life changes. Building character and adaptability in your child today by making the right choice for his or her education lays the foundation for these later, major changes.

2. Encourages teenagers to seek and develop new relationships.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 10.09.48 AMMaking friends as children is easy. As we go through our elementary and middle school years, many of us have the honor of taking our journeys with many of the same friends. But, as adults, we also realize that the ability to make friends can help us ease into new work environments, church activities, and elsewhere.

Choosing LuHi now to make the best academic choice for your child will also help them flex and build that “friend-making” muscle that may not have been used much in recent years. As noted above, this will also be tremendously helpful in just a few years as your son or daughter heads to college.

3. Develops coping skills when changes that are outside of their control arise later in life.

Teenagers are teenagers, and while you (and we) know that your child will absolutely adjust and be okay, for a short time, your child may feel as if his or her entire world is turned upside down.

After that short period, though, a new normal will emerge. With the support of both your family and the LuHi family, your child will thrive. Along with the success and happiness your child will find, he or she will also have newfound coping skills for dealing with change. These skills will prove especially useful outside of the big changes (like college) we’ve been discussing. Sometimes we choose big changes, and sometimes God makes those decisions for us. Your child’s ability to cope, adjust, and thrive will prove valuable as they continue into adulthood.

We are here to help your child thrive.

When you choose a LuHi education for your child, you are choosing the highest-level of educational, emotional, spiritual support for critical years of development. We strive to provide a nurturing environment that prepares our students for life beyond their four years at LuHi, while simultaneously enjoying these special years. To learn more about what your child’s LuHi experience could look like, contact us to schedule a tour.

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