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What an exciting time for our seniors! You’re about to take your first steps into a new stage–a season of independence, growth, and opportunity. Some of you are headed to college or trade school, some to a career as an entrepreneur, and some of you are traveling or moving away from home. But no matter if you cross the street or cross the world, each step you take will determine your future.

Proverbs 12:15 says, “The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice.” We’ve gathered a collection of advice from your teachers who have already walked this path and care deeply for your success. Take to heart their valuable wisdom and you’ll set out after graduation with solid footing!

Advice from Your Teachers

"As Thorin Oakenshield wise said, If more people valued home above gold this world would be a merrier place." – Derek Rinks

"Develop an on-going, never-stopping conversation with God. Never give away your ability to change your mind about something." – Bill Garner

"Stay close to God's people and God's Word." – Craig Parrott

"Get connected to a church community. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, be connected to a Christian church!" – Jonathan Schlecht

'"Imagine you had gotten a tattoo when you were 10. You would have picked something that you now think is stupid and embarrassing. You'll have to take my word for it, but whatever tattoo you pick now will be likely be equally as stupid 10 years and more into the future. If you think this advice is only referring to tattoos... then that is proof of how much you still have left to learn. Never stop growing." – Matthew Zoeller

"You can always learn something from anyone, even if you don't like them. Don't miss an opportunity to learn a lesson from everyone you meet. Have the humility to admit that." – Caleb Fischer


Oldies but Goodies

Our teachers have shared advice with graduating classes of the past and they are worth including here:

"Don’t come home from college every weekend. You'll miss all the good stuff!" – Mrs. Bockelman

"There are going to be many things that seem more important during different seasons of your life – work, children, entertainment, etc., but in the end, what is most important is knowing Jesus and allowing the Holy Spirit to draw you close to Him. True life – life eternal – is ONLY found in Him." – Mr. Black

"Remember who you are, but more importantly, remember whose you are. You are a beloved child of God; live that way." – Mrs. Kidston

"Actually try to get along with your roommate. There’s going to be conflict and it’s easy to blame the other person and say, “Oh, I just have a bad roommate.” But that's the easy way out. Try to see where they are coming from and make an effort to get along with them." – Mr. Buchholz

"Brush your teeth, say your prayers, call your mom, take naps, and come back to visit!" – Mrs. Dyson

"If you have younger siblings, find ways to be involved in their lives even if you are away from home. They may not say it, but they will remember and appreciate it." – Ms. Obermueller

"Don’t be afraid to fail. Always, always, always make time for God. Make time with him a priority because it will take the stress of school away. There are lots of short devotions you can do daily. I use YouVersion - it’s a bible app and it has great devotions and bible studies for every topic. It’s quick, so even if you’re just reading it on your way out the door, it’s time well spent." – Mrs. Loptien

"Remain curious and most importantly continue to grow in your relationship with God but also in your areas of interests." – Mrs. Hollenbeck

"The seniors have heard me say this before, but the most important thing is be in God’s word everyday. Be excellent, be loving, be faithful. Know you are forgiven and loved." – Mr. Kohlwey

"1) Breakfast with Jesus. No matter how busy you get and how much you have going on, take time to be with Jesus. Be in the Word, journal your prayers. Just seek Him. He desires time with you and you will develop a hunger for Him and His word. 2) Be intentional with who you spend your time in. The people you choose to spend your time with in college will play a huge role in who you become. There is where you will develop life-long friends. Choose ones who are going to make you better, point you to the Lord, and walk with you through challenging times. 3) Do not feel pressure to choose a life-long career now. You never know what God will do in your life, where He will lead you, and what doors may open. In addition, do not feel pressure to choose a job just for the money." – Mrs. Rogness

  • Pray frequently
  • Find a church and bible study to attend
  • Don't wear headphones as you walk from building to building across campus, you never know what impactful relationship you will miss out on.
  • Read books for fun
  • Take some chances without any fear of mistakes
  • Make said mistakes
  • Learn from said mistakes and adjust
  • Bathe daily
  • Approach school with the purpose it serves: to learn!
  • Do not memorize when understanding is necessary. If no understanding is necessary transfer to a better school
  • Don't get outworked or quit
  • Lastly, wet dirt is also called mud. Don't park in it or walk in it. Mud is sticky.
    – Mr. Blomenberg

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