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A Letter from LuHi Athletic Trainer Kelsey Krisch

Parents of Lutheran High School Athletes,

In this letter I have put the most important things I believe parents should know about our athletic training program at Lutheran High School.


Becoming a College Athlete

It’s every high school athlete’s dream to one day go on to play their favorite sport at the college level and eventually be featured on SportsCenter’s™ Top 10 Plays of the Week. (Some may even settle for making their Not Top 10.)


Why Team Strength at LuHi Is Better Than P90X in the Basement with Your Dad

written by Strength and Conditioning Coach Jordan Murphy

Let’s face it; the good old fashioned standard of hard work and discipline in fitness is slipping away. People look for shortcuts to stay in shape; even high school Physical Education Departments are slipping into this trap. Students - especially student athletes - need more than low impact games that don’t break a sweat. They need a strength and conditioning program that will make them better on the court or field, help them avoid injury, and stand out from the pack.


Myth: College Coaches only recruit 5A Athletes

The Myth

“I need to go to a bigger high school so that I can get a college scholarship.”


Building Christian Men of Character on the Field

Written by Head Football Coach Stephen Robbins

Spending time with today’s youth allows us the opportunity to see the promise of tomorrow, but it can also shed light on the struggles of today. I believe the four years adolescents spend in high school contain some of the most crucial and pivotal moments they will ever have.


Video: The Lessons Sports Teach Student Athletes

Want to Look Good in the Mirror or on the Podium? The Method Behind Team Strength

Written by Strength and Conditioning Coach, Jordan Murphy

All over the country high school athletes are pumping iron to be the best they can be. Some get their workouts from a qualified strength and conditioning specialist and some get their workouts from Instagram or a ShakeWeight infomercial. Regardless of where the workout comes from, these athletes have one goal in mind: “I want to look like the meaty Hugh Jackman.”


Coach Duitsman achieves 200+ wins

written by senior basketball player, Sara Sauceda

The Lady Lions recently finished their season with a State Championship victory. Led by coach Mark Duitsman, the girls finished the season with a record of 23-4. Included in those wins were League, District, and Regional titles.


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