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Becoming a College Athlete

It’s every high school athlete’s dream to one day go on to play their favorite sport at the college level and eventually be featured on SportsCenter’s™ Top 10 Plays of the Week. (Some may even settle for making their Not Top 10.)


AP Courses vs Dual Credit: What's best for high school students?

Availability of college-level coursework is a priority for many parents researching high schools for their children. Although the various types of courses seem alike at first, there are differences that may make certain courses seem more or less appealing to you or your child. Of particular interest to many students and families as they research high schools are AP and dual credit courses.


10 Values to Consider When Choosing a High School

Four years may not seem like a long time to you. But for high schoolers, that’s a quarter of their life! Everything that happens in this time period has the potential to greatly impact their lives. Parents are wise to carefully consider the following ten values when choosing a school.


How LuHi Prepares Students for Life After High School

In many ways, the four years that students spend at LuHi go by in a flash. High school is a time to cherish, but we also aim much higher. Every member of the Lutheran High faculty and staff wants to prepare our students for college and for life.


What Colleges Look for in Student Academic Profiles

You want your child to do his or her best throughout high school. What parent wouldn’t? At Lutheran High, we are committed to providing the best curricula and learning environment possible for our students to excel.


How Important are AP Classes?

When we meet with engaged parents who are invested in their children’s academic success, we often field questions about advanced placement — or AP — classes. AP classes were created by the non-profit College Board (If that name sounds familiar to you, it could be because they also run the SAT) in the 1950s to give high school students an opportunity to complete entry-level college work.


What does college readiness look like when taught in high school?

Advice for Students Hunting for the Right College

Guest post by Jake and Collin, Admissions Counselors at Azusa Pacific University

We have all been in your seat. The college search process can be a little overwhelming, and it may be one of the biggest decisions that you have presented with in your life so far. We are here to help with a few pieces of advice compiled specifically for you from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at Azusa Pacific University.


Guest post: What do universities look for in prospective students?

5 Steps to Better ACT and SAT Scores

Guest post from Rachel Kapelke-Dale - test prep expert at Magoosh

If you're hoping to improve your ACT or SAT score, you're probably in one of two situations. You might have taken a practice test recently and been underwhelmed by your results. On the other hand, maybe you've taken the official test want to get a higher score on a retake (which is totally normal—in fact, most students will do better by taking the ACT twice). In either case, keep in mind five tips as you study to get your score as high as possible.


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