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5 Steps to Better ACT and SAT Scores

Guest post from Rachel Kapelke-Dale - test prep expert at Magoosh

If you're hoping to improve your ACT or SAT score, you're probably in one of two situations. You might have taken a practice test recently and been underwhelmed by your results. On the other hand, maybe you've taken the official test want to get a higher score on a retake (which is totally normal—in fact, most students will do better by taking the ACT twice). In either case, keep in mind five tips as you study to get your score as high as possible.


Myth: College Coaches only recruit 5A Athletes

The Myth

“I need to go to a bigger high school so that I can get a college scholarship.”


The 3 most important ways we prep our kids for the college of their choice

“The lessons that my teachers have instilled in me helped me come into college academically prepared, ready to serve, lead and love as I follow the example they have set for me." – Kayla Murphy

High school is a stepping stone to college for the majority of American students. Part of the value of a high school is not just helping students get into the college of their choice, but also making sure they have the skills to succeed once they are there.


6 Tips from Park Vogel to Compete at the Next Level

written by Park Vogel, Collegiate Recruiting Coordinator and Head Baseball Coach

I am the Collegiate Recruiting Coordinator as well as the Head Baseball Coach at Lutheran High School. Last summer, I attended the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) Convention and heard many important pieces of wisdom and advice. Here are a few key takeaways I think every student athlete with hopes to play at the next level should consider:


3 Reasons LuHi Students Don't Need to Panic About the Statewide Change from ACT to SAT

Parker’s local newspaper, the Parker Chronicle, recently published an article regarding the switch from ACT to SAT as the official test that juniors take in the Colorado public school system. The article started with this statement, “State officials avoided possible student panic and further controversy by delaying the switch from the ACT to the SAT for high school juniors until 2017.”


Greater Impact - A Look Inside, Pt 4: Advanced Placement Courses

One of the most frequently asked questions by prospective families that are checking out Lutheran High School for their son or daughter is "How many AP classes do you offer?"

For many reasons, "number of AP courses offered" has become a defining characteristic of an "academically excellent high school." It has become a major selling point for both public and private schools if they have a large lineup of AP courses as a part of their school curriculum. Indeed, some private schools have even moved to an "all-AP" curriculum to show-off their academic rigor.


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