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Devotion: The Banana Principle

You might love them or you might despise them. But however you feel about bananas, you have to admit their smell packs a punch! If you put a banana in your school lunch, your sandwich and cookie will probably taste like a banana by lunchtime. Drop a banana in your smoothie and it’ll be hard to taste anything else.


Devotion: Jesus Changed Your Clothes, Zechariah 3

Have you ever been on a camping or backpacking trip and gone without a shower for days on end? The dirt isn’t noticeable in the beginning because you’re on an epic trip braving bears, mountain stream bacteria, and rocks under your sleeping pad. But when you get home, you step into your clean house with your mud-caked hiking boots and that’s when you see how dirty you are. There’s no way you would jump into your cozy bedsheets with grime and pine needle sap stuck to your skin, right?


Give Your Shame a Kick in the Pants

Have you ever had a pet who had to wear the cone of shame? Our dog recently had a surgery that required the lampshade-shaped piece of plastic and absolutely despised it. While some animals who wear it bang erratically around between walls and furniture, our dog stood statue-still, totally immobilized, afraid to put one paw in front of another because she didn’t have a clear peripheral vision. We literally had to pick her up to take her from room to room.


Behind the Scenes of Christmas

Many of you have watched a LuHi drama performance put on by our talented theater department. But how many of you have witnessed what happens behind the scenes? Compared to what happens on stage it’s not so pretty, even though it’s absolutely necessary for making the actors and set and lights and music all come together to create a successful production.


Juicy Fruit, a Thanksgiving Devotion

Happy Thanksgiving! Warty gourds decorate our porches and tables, the bronzed aspen leaves have dropped, and more importantly, it’s pumpkin-spice-your-life season. These days, pumpkin spice lattes, muffins, and even hummus don’t quite cut it. Now you can add it to your bathroom routine too because someone decided to make pumpkin spice toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo!


The Only Fame that Counts

Have you ever thought about how cool it would be if Jesus came now, during the age of the internet? He could use YouTube to broadcast the Sermon on the Mount. He could tweet his parables (#kingdomparables #prodigalson #tenvirgins) and for sure he’d post Instagram shots of his miracles. You’d watch the Resurrection on IGTV, right? Jesus would be seen by the globe at the speed of a click.


Pray-ers Never Quit

Have you prayed for this school year?


Psalm 22 and 23: Two Psalms, Same God

Today’s devotion is a little different than normal. We’re talking about two Psalms, two powerful phrases, and what they mean for us today. Before we delve in, set aside time with your Bible to read the Psalms slowly one after another. As you do, think about these questions:



When you hear this sparkly word, what do you imagine? Joy can be felt with a huge smile, fireworks in a summer sky, a warm hug, tickets to a great game, a major accomplishment, a beach vacation, dinner with friends, and so much more. 


Fear Not

One of the strangest words I ever had on a vocab test was “triskaidekaphobia,” which means fear of the number thirteen. Strange for sure, but that’s not as weird as it gets. “Linonophobia” is the fear of string; “arachibutyrophobia” is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the mouth; and most recently, linguists came up with “nomophobia” to describe the anxiety that arises from being out of cell service range, without a charged phone, or with a lost phone. The struggle is real! 


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