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Teacher Spotlight: 10 Interesting Facts about Science Teacher Derek Rinks

Inquiring students want to know: what makes their teachers tick? Here are ten interesting facts about LuHi’s accomplished science teacher Derek Rinks.


Teacher Spotlight: Integrating Faith and Math with Mr Vanderhyde

Daniel Vanderhyde is one of LuHi’s exceptionally talented teachers. He leads the AP Calculus and Theology III classes and has been in ministry at LuHi for nine years. Dive into our interview with him to learn how his faith in Christ informs and enlightens his teaching.


10 Traits of Impactful Christian Teachers

An average high school student will spend more than 4,000 hours at school in four years. We do not need to ask if our students will be affected by their teachers, because they will. What we need to ask is how they will be affected during this formative phase of their lives. At LuHi, our teachers demonstrate ten exemplary traits that positively impact our students for life.


Video: LuHi Teacher Trivia

Meet the 2018 New Teachers (part 2)

Meet three more staff members joining us for the upcoming school year! We are excited to have Tim, Emma, and Aaron join the LuHi family.


Meet the 2018 New Teachers (part 1)

As our school continues to grow in enrollment, we are excited to be adding these 3 teachers to our community for the 2018-2019 school year. 


Chris Loesel: New Director of Performing Arts

Recently, Chris Loesel was named to a new position as the new Director of Performing Arts at Lutheran High School. With this change in job description, we wanted to find out a little more about the new role and what this will mean for Lutheran High.


What Teachers Really Do on Summer Vacation

Teachers spend their summers laying on their couches playing Fortnite, right? Not quite. After spending about 275 days with you, their wonderful students, they need to make up for lost time! Many teachers travel, but summer is also a time to catch up on work and further their teaching skills.


Meet the 2017 New Teachers

As our school continues to grow in enrollment, we are excited to be adding more teachers to our community.


Meet the New 2016 Teachers, part 3

Bob Allison graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sculpture and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. He has attended dozens of workshops by renowned sculptors and has spent time studying in Florence, Italy. Bob is also an active member of the Parker Artist Guild. He will be teaching Ceramics and Sculpture this year at LuHi.


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