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Why the Arts are Important in Christian Schools

It is pretty self-evident what a central theme the arts are to our lives when we consider the very first words of the Bible. Genesis 1:1 says “In the beginning, God created heaven and the earth.” Our ultimate creator, God gave life and representation to every creature on earth. He is a magnificent artist and because we live in His image, we are all creators as well. At Lutheran High School, we have developed a high-quality arts program to help students flourish while bringing glory to God through their talents.


Student Meghan Otte Implements Anti-Trafficking Prevention Project

As part of her studies with the Lights Leadership Academy at LuHi, student Meghan Otte was stirred to research the fight against human trafficking and implement the anti-trafficking Prevention Project through the Richmond Justice Initiative at LuHi. 


LuHi Students Compete in Stock-Market Challenge

One of the exceptional privileges of attending Lutheran High Parker is the opportunity to gain practical, real-world skills in one of our six Academies: Art, Business, Lights Leadership, Music, Mission and Ministries, and STEM. 


Why LuHi Encourages Pursuit and Development of Passions

The high school experience encompasses many elements: academics, sports, clubs, arts, friends, and teacher mentorships. At LuHi, we encourage students to fully take advantage of these critical years to define, explore, and pursue their passions.


Art Academy Students Honor Henry Esparza

When Sandra Esparza contacted Mr. Hollenbeck about making a donation of art supplies to the LuHi Art Department, neither could have predicted the collaboration that was to follow. Sandra’s husband, Henry Esparza, was a lifelong artist who split his time between his studio in Denver and Fountain Hills, AZ. After Henry passed away in May 2018, Sandra was left with art supplies, unfinished works, and a desire to pass on his legacy.


Updates to the STEM Academy

The LuHi STEM Academy is for career preparedness. The goal is that students would be better prepared and even ahead of the game for continuing their studies in their field of interest.


New course offerings for 2017-18 including the Business Academy

In pursuit of our mission to nurture academic excellence, Lutheran High School continues to improve and expand its curriculum and course offerings. The following courses have been added or updated for the 2017-18 school year.


Greater Impact: Why the Academies are Enhancing Student Learning

A couple of years ago the leadership at Lutheran High School pondered the question: "What can we do for our academically motivated students to provide them an advantage for life after high school?"


How LuHi Art Academy students are separating themselves from the pack

Diverse is a word that would accurately describe the fifteen young artists that make up this year’s LuHi Art Academy. Art Academy. The six juniors and nine seniors are studying architecture, special effects makeup, photography, graphic design, film, and a variety of fine art.


STEM Academy at LuHi - Student Projects

by Paul Blomenberg, Head of the Science Department

The STEM Academy at Lutheran High is well on its way through completing the flagship year of the program. Students involved have begun to better understand their interests and passions as well as dive more deeply into their unique fields of interest. Students’ interests stem from topics that fall under the umbrellas of engineering, computer programming, medical research, and more.


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