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Coming Soon: Senior Capstone Project Night

Lutheran High School hosts any number of significant events through the year. We have served as the host of both volleyball and basketball regional tournaments. Our annual auction is an incredible blessing to the school. And the upcoming Denver Area Lutheran Schools Field Day provides our institution with the opportunity to share our campus with elementary school students from around the area.


Get to Know Kyle Venberg, Class of 2017

Written by senior student Taylor James

Q: What are some of your interests and hobbies?
A: “Robotics is a big one. It’s a big time commitment, as well as theater. They both take up a big chunk of my time but it’s really fun. It’s awesome to hang out with everyone and get to know them. In Robotics, I get to expand my knowledge on STEM education.”


Good Questioning and Lights Academy

One of the key tenets of effective inquiry and learning is asking good questions. According to Warren Berger in his book A More Beautiful Question, research shows that preschool students ask nearly 100 questions a day. By the time a student reaches middle school or high school, that number is down to nine. As a society, we have simply not done a good job of helping our students maintain a curiosity and wonder about the world which God has given us.


LuHi Academies Up and Running

Personalization of the academic experience is becoming a major building block of successful educational institutions in America today. Being able to tailor an academic track can give a student the opportunity to thrive in an area of interest to him/her.


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