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Why LuHi Encourages Pursuit and Development of Passions

Posted by Paul Blomenberg on Jan 23, 2019 2:36:00 PM

The high school experience encompasses many elements: academics, sports, clubs, arts, friends, and teacher mentorships. At LuHi, we encourage students to fully take advantage of these critical years to define, explore, and pursue their passions.

For all of us, our interests and passions are what make us well-rounded individuals. They tie us together in our commonalities and help students make connections with others.

Nurturing discovery and pursuit of passions.

When we see students excelling in certain areas, we want to wholeheartedly encourage them to pursue those interests. When students are unsure about their passions, we get to expose them to various professions, ministries, service opportunities, and classroom instruction that encourages them to make connections, explore options, and land where they find a fit.

Our student clubs were founded based on interest from students. Today, LuHi continually nurtures student passions by being receptive to student ideas, clubs, service projects, and leadership initiatives. We want our students to approach us with their ideas so we can support them as they work to make their dreams a reality.

Our current clubs include:

New clubs are added each year based on student interest and pursuit. What clubs could your child create, join, or lead? The possibilities are limitless.

Providing an academic outlet for pursuit of passions.

academy-nightParticularly with student passions that seem to fall outside the high school experience, making the connection to interests in the classroom often seems to ignite curiosity and passion within our students.

When passions fall outside the academic environment at LuHi, we encourage students to find an angle to bring them into the fold. Areas of passion typically outside the scope of study at school can be harmony with the right objectives, mentorship, and structure added.

Conducting field research, reading scholarly journals, distributing surveys, and more can all lead to strong academic connections for a topic or interest normally outside of a school's curriculum.

Identifying and also eliminating areas of pursuit.

Sometimes the most powerful gift we can be given is the wherewithal to identify what to pursue as well as what not to pursue. Oftentimes, students arrive at LuHi certain they know their designated career path -- that’s no small feat at the ages of 13 or 14!

What can seem like a passion and destined path at 13; however, may seem less ideal at 18, 19, or 20. At Lutheran High, we developed our Academies to allow students the opportunity to pursue their academic interests and passions. The Academies both prepare them for undergraduate students in those areas, and help them dig deeper to understand whether presumed lifelong paths are actually the right choice. We have had quite a few students thank us for allowing them to pursue various interests in high school and learn what wasn’t a fit before investing years and potentially many dollars into something that wasn’t a proper fit.

LuHi Academies help students pursue their passions by allowing them to dive deep and fully explore their area of interest. Sometimes students learn that their passions are in a different area than what they originally thought. Academies allow students to invest so fully they can know with confidence if something is really right for them. Research, study, mentorship, presentations, and collaboration all serve as part of the discernment process to help students get a head start on pursuing their passions.

We are proud to help your child choose and build his path to success.

LuHi is proud to help every student reach his or her potential. Contact us to learn more about a Lutheran High education for your child.

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