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Business Academy

Who is the Business Academy for?

  • Students who desire to serve in the business field or gain a business background for a future pursuit.
  • Students who have a passion for using their God-given interests and abilities in the business realm.
  • Students who are not afraid to take risks and are willing to constantly evaluate and analyze performance, trends, and outcomes.
  • Students who have high ethical standards and plan on positively influencing the marketplace.
  • Students who are excited about entrepreneurial ventures, paradigm shifts, and creative solutions.
  • Students who want to interact with leaders in the business world.

Course Track

The coursework requirement for the Business Academy includes:

  • Business Studies
  • Personal Finance
  • Accounting
  • Sales & Marketing.

2020-2021 Applications

Complete the Business Academy application here.

Additionally, students will meet general academy expectations of the 4 C’s, which includes completion of a Capstone Project and participation in the Capstone Celebration.

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