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Cast & Crew

Upcoming Events

  • War of the Worlds, The Panic Broadcast - October 20 & 21, LuHi
  • Thespian Conference – December 7-9, Convention Center
  • Winter Musical – March 16-18, Pace Center
  • Spring Play – May 3-5, Schoolhouse Theatre
  • LuHi Arts Showcase – May (specific date TBD), Pace Center
  • Performing Arts Banquet – May (specific date TBD)

Audition Details

Theatre Gala Event - War of the Worlds, The Panic Broadcast by Joe Landry

Performances: October 20 & 21, 6:30pm

ACTORS: This show is a radio play. The key to a great radio play is how the actor uses his/her voice to express the emotions and tell the story the way author meant it to be. Vocal technique and expression is more important than the physical in a radio play. However, the actor does need to express a believable physical presence as well because, after all for our performance, the audience will still be watching you. It would be a good idea to research how radio plays were done to get a better feel for how this show will be performed and what will be required of the actors.

Needed for this production:

  • A handful of actors with great vocal expression, ability to do various accents and voices.
  • A few performers who can sing
  • A few performers to create the live sound effects. (During the days of radio there were not pre-recorded sound effects. People created sounds out of various objects.)
  • A number of performers to act as hosts and servers to the audience. Must be comfortable interacting with the audience and taking food orders.
  • A few techies to help build set, run lights, some sound & possibly video.

Auditions: September 7 & 8, 3-5pm in the flex room.

Theatre Veterans: Come prepared with a one minute memorized monologue from a play. Familiarize yourself with War of the Worlds script.

First time auditioning for LuHi: You may prepare a one minute memorized monologue but it is not necessary. Cold readings will be provided for you. Familiarize yourself with War of the Worlds script.

Interested in Tech: Come to auditions on the first day to fill out an interest form and get rehearsal/performance information.

Link to the script can be found here.

A Note to New LuHi Theatre Students

Here at LuHi we welcome and encourage anyone interested in theatre to be a part of our productions. Whether it’s acting, singing, dancing, or tech work we have a place for you. Never tried theatre before? You can start out small in a minor role or on the tech crew or you can dive right in a go for those big roles. It’s up to you.

LuHi theatre follows the philosophy every actor has a fair chance at every role. We do not cast based on seniority. A freshman has just as good of a shot at getting a lead role as a senior does. When casting several factors are considered: acting ability, confidence, body language, facial expressions, vocal technique, character interpretation, special talents, do the actor’s abilities fit the requirements needed for the character/script, how well do actors work together and do they fit together as characters in the play, just to name a few.

We look at all of these factors and place actors in roles that best fit their talents and abilities in combination with what is best for the production as a whole. It is not uncommon for an actor to have the lead role in one show and a minor role in the next (or vice versa). Our goal is to let our theatre students shine and make our productions be the best they can be.

CrossPlay Members

  • Chapel - September 29, LuHi
  • Chapel - November 3, LuHi
  • Chapel - December 13, LuHi
  • Chapel - January 25, LuHi
  • Chapel - January 31, St John's Lutheran School
  • Chapel - February 9, LuHi
  • Chapel - March 7, LuHi
  • Chapel - April 25, LuHi
  • Chapel - May 10, LuHi

Theater Resources

Monologues, Scenes and Songs (for Auditions)

Education & College Info:

ThesCon - December 7-9, 2016

ThesCon is a conference for high school theatre students. A three day educational event where students can take a variety of theatre workshops (acting, lighting design, make-up, dance, etc) by professionals in the industry, visit with college reps and see performances by area high schools. Location: Convention Center in downtown Denver. The conference starts Thursday afternoon and runs through Saturday afternoon. Students will be missing classes on Friday. The conference runs late on Thursday and Friday night (events usually end somewhere between 10-11pm).