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Learn More – College & Career Guidance

Condensed Time Line for College Process (Jr & Sr year)

  • Aug-Dec, Jr/Sr – Must take & retake ACT/SAT college entrance exams
  • May-Oct 31, Jr/Sr – College Applications are due August-Oct 15, Sr Request recommendation letters
  • August-Nov, Sr – Send official transcripts - request in Naviance
  • Oct 1, 2019-Jan 15, Sr – FAFSA completed online Jan, Sr Request mid-year transcripts
  • Nov –Mar, Sr – Complete scholarship apps to individual colleges
  • Dec –April, Sr – Evaluate, compare, speak with college about their offers
  • May 1, Sr – Official deadline of declaration, send in deposit to selected college
  • May 10-31, Sr – Request final transcript to send to your chosen college

College Checklist for Juniors

  • Narrow your college list down to 3-10 schools.
  • Plan your College Campus Visits (2-5 recommended)
  • Attend College Fairs in the fall
  • Take the ACT or SAT college entrance exam
  • Create your college resume (Naviance)
  • Complete the Autobiographical Sketch (Naviance)
  • Document service hours/volunteer work (Naviance)
  • Check online for various scholarships (Naviance)
  • Start writing essays as soon as possible. (Naviance)

Best Practices

Completing College Applications

  • Begin filling out college applications in May of your Junior year thru November 1 of Senior year.
  • Preview colleges on their websites and sign up for more info to be sent to your house.
  • Plan vacations that are near the college you want to visit, plan day trips for the colleges in state.
  • Use an online calendar or planner to record deadlines of applications and scholarships as they will vary from college to college.
  • Plan accordingly when applying online. It can take anywhere from 90-120 minutes to fill out the application.
  • Create an appropriate email account that will be use for everything college related (i.e. college applications, college correspondence, financial aid, scholarships, etc.) An example of an appropriate email address: denisenoffze@gmail.com an example of an inappropriate email address: partyboy@hotmail.com. Colleges want to see your professional side. Feel free to utilize your LHS email address.
  • Check out www.commonapp.org when completing multiple college applications (one form sent to many colleges). Most likely you will have supplementary forms to fill out for individual colleges.
  • When asked for your high school, select Lutheran High School using the CEEB Code: 060417. Do not select Lutheran High School Parker or Lutheran High School of the Rockies or Denver Lutheran High School.
  • All college applications should be completed by November 1 of Senior year. This allows you a month off before you must start applying for scholarships at each college.

Recommendation Letters

All Recommendation Letters must be requested by October 15 of senior year. Please have your Resume in Naviance completed and a copy printed to give to the teachers or coaches whom you are asking to write your letters. This page will help them to write a well presented letter about you. To be considerate of the teachers or coaches writing your letters, please give them 3-4 weeks notice before it’s due.


  • Transcript Request as made in Naviance only
  • Allow 7-10 business days to fill your request.
  • If it is a rush situation, include $7 with each request.
  • Please see Ms. Lietzau for all transcript updates and information needed
Final Transcript Request will be made in Naviance in May so an eight semester transcript can be sent to your selected college. Without the Naviance request, LuHi will not be able to send a transcript. Seniors, please be sure you have completed this step properly.


The FAFSA will be available for completion October 1st of Senior year. The majority of colleges have a March 1 deadline for FAFSA completion, but many have moved those to January or February. Be sure to check the deadlines of your specific colleges to make sure you don’t miss any deadlines.

College Fairs

Find a full list of college fairs in your Naviance profile.

Questions to ask when attending a college fair:

  • Describe your admission criteria. What are my chances of admission?
  • What are your college entrance test requirements?
  • When are you deadlines?
  • Do I apply separately for financial aid?
  • What types of scholarships does your school offer and what are the criteria? How do I apply?
  • Which departments or programs do you consider outstanding?
  • Why would a Colorado student come to your school?
  • What percentage of students who start as first year students graduate in 4 years? In 5 years?
  • What percentage transfer to other colleges?

For additional questions to ask, see these resources:

Other Resources