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We want to hear from you!

LuHi parents, you are valued parts of our community and we want to hear your voice. Fill out this form with your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas to make our school a better place.

Some suggestions of what helpful feedback could be includes:

  • Do you feel we are successfully:
    • Encouraging a positive, encouraging culture
    • Nurturing academic excellence
    • Encouraging growth in Christ
    • Keeping Christ at the core of all activities
    • Providing enough/a variety of opportunities for students
  • How often do you consult RenWeb?
  • Have you as a parent felt welcomed into the LuHi Community? Do you feel there have been opportunities for you to be involved?
  • Do you feel that the information given to you from LuHi when you were exploring high schools was accurate?
  • Where do you get most of your information about school activities, schedules, general announcements?

Current Parent or Student Ideas

Your feedback is valuable to us! Thanks for sharing!