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Frequently Asked Questions


What does the application process include?

Find information about the admissions process on the Admissions Requirements page.

Each freshmen applicant needs to:

  • submit an online application
  • write an essay
  • take the HSPT test
  • provide the email addresses of English, Math, and Homeroom teachers for recommendation requests
  • send the most recent copy of their transcript

On the application, families will see a place to enter email addresses of English, math, and homeroom teachers. Once they enter the email addresses, requests are sent to the teachers and are submitted directly back to the admissions office. Applicants do not need to collect any paper forms or send the forms to the teachers themselves.

Placement tests are offered once a month from October-February. Find dates of the tests on the Admissions Requirements page of the website. Register for the test by emailing Jodi.Hoehne@lhsparker.org.

What does LuHi cost? Is there tuition assistance or scholarships available?

Find up to date information on tuition here: www.lhsparker.org/tuition-financial-assistance

Tuition assistance is available and given to families on an as-needed basis. As a Christian high school, we do not want money to be a stumbling block for families as they consider LuHi. We encourage any family who is concerned about the cost of tuition to apply for tuition assistance.

Families can apply to the FACTs for tuition assistance between mid-September and mid-April every year. The process takes about a month for most families to upload their tax information, for FACTs to verify the information, and for communication between the family and LuHi to be completed.

Lutheran High School does not offer scholarships. We do not want a student to feel like they didn't "earn" enough to make it into LuHi.

Are there deadlines in the Admissions Process?

Generally speaking, no. We do a rolling acceptance process. This means we accept qualified students on a first come, first accepted basis. The admissions process must be completely finished before we accept a student. In March, accepted families are invited to enroll.

The only deadline is taking the HSPT on one of the offered test dates between October and February.

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Where do LuHi Grads attend college?

Are your teachers certified?

Yes. All of the teachers at LHS have at least a Bachelor’s degree and are required to get a Colorado teacher license. In fact, many of the teachers have Master’s degrees in their field of study.

Learn more about each teacher's degree here.

Do you offer honors or AP courses?

Yes. LHS offers honors and AP classes. See a list of our current Honors and AP classes on our School Profile.


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Lutheran Questions

What is a Lutheran High School?

From Dan Gehrke, Executive Director

A friend of mine once told me, "Lutherans are committed to receiving God's love, God's Word, and God's forgiveness.  We get it. We share it. And we leave the world a better place."

A Lutheran high school has the same mission.  You can find Lutheran high schools all over the country, all committed to the same thing: being academically excellent schools that God uses to transform the lives of others through Jesus Christ.

Jesus said in John 10:27-28 - "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.  I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand."

Jesus knows us.  And that same love and salvation that He extends to us through His death and resurrection is the same salvation that is proclaimed daily in our Lutheran high schools across the country.

Jesus knows us and in turn, a Lutheran high school knows and loves its students. The relationships formed at a Lutheran high school become the foundation for both academic excellence and spiritual encouragement. Lutheran high schools are communities of people dedicated to having a conversation about what God has done for us through His son Jesus Christ.  Those communities are then the perfect compliment to families and churches who value both reaching the lost and raising up Christian kids to become spiritual champions.

And that is why the environment of a Lutheran high school makes an instant connection with Christian families. One need not be a Lutheran to attend a Lutheran high school.  The core tenants of "grace alone," "faith alone," "Scripture alone" found in Lutheran theology and doctrine by their very nature resonate with all people in search of the truth.  They also draw in non-Christians who are seeking answers to the greater questions of life.

Indeed, Lutheran high school communities leave the world a better place.

What is Lutheran High's mission statement?

Lutheran High School is a Christian high school that nurtures academic excellence and encourages growth in Christ.

Do you have to be a Christian to attend?

No. LHS is open to all applicants. However, LHS is a school that is “Christ-centered” in all we do.

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What transportation options are available? Can students drive?

LuHi offers shuttle transportation to and from school from the following locations:

  • Peace with Christ Christian School 
    3290 S. Tower Rd., Aurora 80013
    Leaves at 6:40 a.m. and returns after school.
  • Lord of the Hills Lutheran Church
    21755 Smoky Hill Rd, Aurora CO 80015
    Leaves at 6:55 a.m. and returns after school. 
  • Castle Rock Arby's by Castle Rock Outlet Mall
    742 Genoa Way, Castle Rock, CO 80108
    Leaves at 6:50 a.m. and returns after school.
  • St. John's Lutheran School
    700 S Franklin St, Denver, 80209
    Leaves the parking lot at 6:30 a.m. and returns after school. 
  • Shepherd of the Hills Christian School
    7691 S University Blvd, Centennial, CO 80122 
    Leaves the south parking lot at 6:40 a.m. and returns after school. 
  • Highlands Ranch Chuze Fitness
    9449 S University Blvd, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126
    Leaves at 6:48 a.m. and returns after school
  • Elizabeth Super Wal-Mart
    2100 Legacy Cir, Elizabeth, CO 80107
    Shuttle will be available in the morning only, leaves at 6:50 a.m.

The daily fee to use the shuttle is $4 (for both one-way and round-trip).  Monthly usage will be recorded and families will be billed at the end of the month.

We also offer a carpool option through SchoolPool. Contact the front office to learn more about SchoolPool.

Students with a valid drivers license (not learners permits) are welcome to drive to school and park on campus (no fee or parking permit needed).

Do you have a dress code?

Yes. The dress code is “business casual” and is described in the student/parent handbook which can be downloaded from this website. Students are not required to wear uniforms. 

For the full Lutheran High School dress code, see the Student-Parent Handbook found here.

Is your campus “open?” Are students allowed to come and go as they please?

No. LHS is a closed campus. Students are required to be on campus at all times during school hours. Seniors with privileges are allowed to go off campus for lunch only.

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Extracurricular Activities

What sports do you offer?

Visit www.lhsparker.org/golions to see a list of sports offered at LuHi.

Where can I buy Spirit Wear?

We have an online Spirit Store where you can customize and buy LuHi gear. Go Lions! www.sideline.bsnsports.com/schools/colorado/parker/lutheran-high-school/

Do you have a theater program?

Yes, we have a very strong theater program that performs at Parker's Performing Arts Center, PACE. Learn more about our theater program here: www.lhsparker.org/luhitheatre

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Tuition Assistance

Can a student earn a scholarship?

At the present time, Lutheran High School does not award merit-based scholarships other than the valedictorian and salutatorian awards granted to freshmen from Lutheran elementary schools.

Does tuition assistance cover fees?

No. All families must pay the full enrollment and materials fee.

Where does the money for tuition assistance come from?

This may be the most misunderstood concept of financial assistance. No magical pot of money exists for tuition assistance. The money awarded to students and families is an expense line in the yearly budget.

The Ron Brandhorst Tuition Angel Program is then designed to raise the money needed to turn that line item into a completely funded expense. The Ron Brandhorst Tuition Angel Program is the ongoing annual appeal for LHS.

We desire 100% of Lutheran High School families to participate in the Ron Brandhorst Tuition Angel Program, even those who are receiving tuition assistance. 100% of LHS faculty and staff contribute to the program.

We desire even families who are receiving tuition assistance to make a donation to the Ron Brandhorst Tuition Angel Fund. Lutheran High School is a family that supports each other in all avenues of operation.

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