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Music Academy

Who Is the Music Academy For?

The Music Academy is for the high school student that has a passion for music and wants to pursue that passion on a deeper level. Students that are a fit for music academy are individuals that want to learn more about music and explore career possibilities in the field of music.

2018-2019 Applications

Download the Music Academy application here.

Course Track

Freshmen year: two semesters of music ensemble participation
Sophomore year: two semesters of music ensemble participation
Junior year:

  1st Semester Junior Year 2nd Semester Junior Year
Course #1 Music Theory A Music Theory A
Course #2 Ensemble, piano/guitar class,
or lessons
Ensemble, piano/guitar class
or lessons

Senior year:

  1st Semester Senior Year 2nd Semester Senior Year
Course #1 Music Theory B Music Theory B
Course #2 Ensemble, piano/guitar class,
or lessons
Ensemble, piano/guitar class,
or lessons

Concert Attendance - Students are required to attend three approved music performances each year that they are enrolled in the music academy.

Individual Performance Development - Students are required to either audition for an all-state ensemble or perform a solo at the solo and ensemble festival their junior and senior year.

Collaborative Community Learning Experience - Students enrolled in the Music Academy are required to complete a Collaborative Community Learning Experience during the summer between their junior and senior year. Design of this project is left up to the student but the goal is to pursue a particular passion within the field of music. Examples might include meeting with a local composer and studying with him or her, interning with a local music professional, or attending an intensive music camp.

Capstone Project - A capstone project will be completed by each student in the music academy presenting a summation of what has been learned in the academy. This project could be performing in a recital, presenting an original composition, or other opportunities to share with an audience what has been learned.

Digital Portfolio - As a part of the capstone process, students will be required to create a digital portfolio of compositions, performances, concerts attended, and other applicable materials.

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