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Prayer Page - Building Strong Foundations

“Whoever hears my words…is like a man…building a foundation on rock” Luke 6:46-48

As we build a foundation of prayer for our school, we thank you for your continued commitment to be a Prayer Partner for the Colorado Lutheran High School Association and thank you for being an integral part of this ministry. As we seek to continue to move forward and build up and grow this ministry to our children and the youth and families of our community, we feel that prayer is a vital key to all that we do. As we begin this Lenten and Easter season we are reminded once again of the good news of the death and resurrection of Jesus, and the power and victory that belongs to us. We are also reminded of the great privilege and opportunity we have in our school to proclaim and live out this good news with students and their families. We need your prayers to keep this ministry strong and in place so that we can take every opportunity God gives to us to proclaim the good news of Jesus love! As we find ourselves in the last half of this school year but also anticipating the coming school year, we have a number of items to pray about. Please lift up the following requests in prayer this month.

March 2019

  • Pray for the spiritual growth and development of all our students, that they would integrate their faith and learning with their everyday choices and actions. Pray for the Holy Spirit to work in a mighty way in our school to transform the hearts and minds of our students. Pray for our students to be a witness in our school community and in their neighborhoods, workplaces, and families.

  • Pray for the Lord’s protection over our campus, students and staff. Pray that anyone who has a design to bring harm to our Lutheran High community, or vandalism or destruction to our property, would be exposed and thwarted. Pray that we may always be intentional in providing a safe environment on our campus.

  • Pray for rest, renewal, protection and safe travel for staff, students, and families during spring break, March 18 - 22. Pray for continued energy, focus and stamina for our teachers, administrators and support staff through these final months of the school year.

  • Pray for blessings on the registration process for the 2019 – 2020 school year. Pray that any barriers or obstacles that may be in the way of a family sending a child to our Lutheran High School would be removed. Pray for an increase in student enrollment and especially for a strong freshman class.

  • Pray for all of the CLHSA Association congregations, that the Lord would continue to bless and strengthen their ministries. Pray for the Lord to provide for all of their needs and their ability and desire to continue to support the ministry of our Lutheran High School, as we work together to advance the kingdom of our Lord.

  • Praise the Lord for the faithful volunteers who give so much of their time to support this ministry and carry out various activities and services. Pray that more volunteers and parents would become involved in this ministry that we may be able to make the functioning of this ministry even stronger.

  • Continue to pray for the Lord’s provision and the financial resources needed as we move forward with Phase 2B of our Greater Impact vision of eventually adding a west wing addition to our facility and adding more parking. Pray for all of the work with architects, building contractors and permits and approvals with the city of Parker, that all can be accomplished without major complications and according to the proper time frame, as necessary funds and resources are available.

  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide our staffing process for the next school year as we will need to add staff with our anticipated increase in student enrollment. Pray for wisdom and discernment for our administrative staff as they begin this process. Pray for the right people that will strengthen and be a blessing to this ministry, who have a heart for Jesus and for the students they will serve.