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Prayer Page - Building Strong Foundations

“Whoever hears my words…is like a man…building a foundation on rock” Luke 6:46-48

As we continue to lay a foundation of prayer for our school, we thank you for your continued commitment to be a Prayer Partner for the Colorado Lutheran High School Association and thank you for being an integral part of this ministry. As we seek to continue to move forward and build up this ministry to our students and families of our community, we feel that prayer is a vital key to all that we do. As we enter into the New Year and the beginning of a new semester, we look forward with hope and anticipation to what the Lord will accomplish through this ministry. We need your prayers to daily touch lives with the transforming power of God’s grace and love, found in Jesus our Savior. We seek to accomplish His will and purpose in all that we do.

January 2021

  • Pray for spiritual growth and formation for all of our students and staff, that as they interact with the Word of God, and one another, on a daily basis, that their hearts and lives would be transformed to become more like Jesus in their attitudes, words, and actions.

  • Pray for physical and spiritual protection over our campus, students, staff, administrators and their families. Pray that Satan would be thwarted in any attempts to attack, undermine, or tear down this ministry. Pray for a continued spirit of unity, harmony and working together to accomplish the Lord’s will and purpose, through these times.

  • Praise the Lord for the addition of new students at the beginning of the second semester. Pray that these new students would be quickly integrated into their school community and build new friendships. Pray that we would be a blessing to them and their families as we share the love of Christ with them in words and actions.

  • For the “second wind” of our staff as we head off into the second semester. Pray for the Holy Spirit to equip and empower them for the ministry they have been called to and for them to see fruits of their labors. Pray for their stamina and perseverance as they continue to teach under the current circumstances.

  • For all of our winter sports teams as they deal with new schedules and restrictions. Pray that they would play to the highest level of their abilities and sportsmanship. May they honor Jesus in their words and actions as they interact with other teams and officials, being gracious in both victory and defeat.

  • Praise the Lord for $166,000 raised through our Annual Auction, exceeding our goal by $11,000. Praise the Lord for many donations at the end of the year that have helped to keep us in a positive financial outlook for this school year. Pray that the Lord will provide for all of our needs throughout the rest of this school year.

  • Pray for continued wisdom, discernment, direction and guidance for our Executive Director, Dan Gehrke, our administrative team and our CLHSA Board of Directors as we move closer to finalizing details and breaking ground for the western expansion of our facility. Pray for the Lord’s timing and provision around all of these details. Pray that this expansion will be a great blessing to our ministry and the service we are able to offer our students and families. Praise the Lord for the financial resources to take this next step.