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Prayer Page - Building Strong Foundations

“Whoever hears my words…is like a man…building a foundation on rock” Luke 6:46-48

As we continue to build a foundation of prayer for our school, we thank you for your continued and faithful commitment to be a Prayer Partner for the Colorado Lutheran High School Association, and thank you for being a part of how God is changing and transforming the lives of our students and families. As we seek to move forward in this ministry to our children and the youth of our communities, we feel that prayer is a vital key to all that we do. As we prepare for another school year, we seek his wisdom and guidance to effectively use the people and financial resources he has blessed us with to their maximum potential to serve our students and families and the community, in the midst of a pandemic. Through the power and the direction of our risen Lord, as we seek Him in prayer, we will accomplish the task he has called us to at our school, according to His timing and will for this ministry.

July 2020

  • Praise the Lord for a projected enrollment of 204 freshmen, and a total enrollment of 740, for the new school year. Continue to pray that the enrollment for 2020-2021 would stay strong in the coming months. Pray for the Holy Spirit to lead and guide those families who are still making this decision. Pray for the Lord to provide for those families who see finances as a limiting factor.

  • Pray for rest, renewal and re-energizing for our teachers and staff over the summer months. Pray for blessings on their time with family and that the Lord would prepare their hearts for another season of ministry to students and families. Pray for strength as they prepare for a new school year with some different guidelines in place.

  • Pray for wisdom, direction and discernment for Dan Gehrke, our Executive Director as he leads our school through these future months and the ever changing guidelines and mandates issued by the Tri-County Health Department and Governor Polis in regards to schools.

  • Begin to pray for the students that we will serve in this next school year, that our ministry would impact their hearts with a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray that they will not only hear about the truth of God’s grace but that they will experience it in the context of a loving and caring Christian community in their school. Pray especially for those who may be coming to our school that have no relationship with Jesus, that their hearts would be open and that the Holy Spirit would bring the gift of faith into their lives.

  • Pray for new teaching staff that will be added for the next school year. Pray for the Lord to work out all of the details for moving and housing for those coming outside of the area. Pray for a smooth transition and integration with the rest of the faculty and the student community. Pray for the staff vacancies that still need to be filled, for the Lord to lead us to the right persons to fill those positions that will be a blessing to this ministry.

  • Continue to pray for the financial resources needed to keep this ministry healthy and strong. Pray for wisdom and direction for the Board of Directors as they consider all possibilities and ideas to move this ministry into the future, to expand our current facility, and assure the best possible environment for Christian Education at our school. Pray that the Holy Spirit would lead people and association congregations to continue to actively support this ministry with their prayers, time and gifts as we celebrate what God is doing in the lives of the students and families we serve.

  • Pray for the Lord’s protection over our staff, students and their families from the Covid-19 virus. Pray that our campus would be a safe place to engage in Christian Education and build Christian community. Pray for the Lord to bring an end to this pandemic and healing in our community, nation and world.