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Prayer Page - Building Strong Foundations

“Whoever hears my words…is like a man…building a foundation on rock” Luke 6:46-48

As we continue to build a foundation of prayer for our school, we thank you for your continued and faithful commitment to be a Prayer Partner for the Colorado Lutheran High School Association, and thank you for being a part of how God is changing and transforming the lives of our students and families. We know that prayer is a vital key to all that we do, especially as we live in a changing culture and are seeking to meet the needs of youth and families in our communities. As we begin another school year this month, we seek the Lord’s blessing and guidance and provision to offer a ministry that will always reflect His love, truth, and the good news of His salvation. Through the power and the direction of our risen Lord, as we seek Him in prayer, we will accomplish the task he has called us to at our school, according to His timing and will for this ministry at this point and time, and into the future.

August 2019

  • Praise the Lord for the projected enrollment for 2019-2020 of 680 students, including 195 freshmen. Pray for the Holy Spirit to lead and guide those families who are still making decisions about enrollment.

  • Continue to pray for the current construction and wrap-up going on to complete the second part of phase 2A of our Greater Impact growth plan to expand the music room, add additional bathrooms, open up the main hallway for better flow, and add additional parking. Pray for protection over the construction workers and that the project can be completed on time.
  • Pray for the staff, students and families as they begin another school year on August 15th, with new faces and relationships amongst staff and students. Pray for blessings upon this year, for academic and spiritual growth, for healthy relationships between staffs, students, and families, and for physical and spiritual protection over our school. Pray for energy, strength, enthusiasm and vision for our teachers and administrators and their ministry. Pray for staff unity and cooperation and mutual support and care.

  • Pray for Dan Gehrke, Executive Director, David Ness, Principal, and Hannah Buchholz, Director of Admissions and Marketing. Pray that the Lord would bless them with energy, vision, fortitude and guidance as they seek to serve the Lord in these capacities, and for a strong team ministry, as they lead our school.

  • Pray for all of the new freshmen and other new transfer students entering our school. Pray that this will be a smooth time of transition and adjustment for them; pray for new friendships, acceptance and inclusion by peers; and for peace and calm over any anxiety they may have. Praise the Lord for the opportunity we have to minister to these new students and their families.

  • Pray for our school to be a community of faith where students grow in their relationship with Jesus and in sharing and demonstrating the love of Jesus with one another. Pray for a culture of care and acceptance.
  • Pray for safety and protection over all of our students as they are transported to our campus, whether in a school van or by private vehicle. Pray for students who are driving that they will use good and safe driving habits.

  • Continue to pray for the financial resources needed to keep this ministry healthy and strong. Pray for wisdom and direction for the Board of Directors as they consider all possibilities and ideas to move this ministry into the future and assure the best possible environment for Christian Education at our school. Pray that the Holy Spirit would lead people to actively support this ministry with their prayers, involvement and financial gifts as we celebrate what God is doing in the lives of the students and families we serve.