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You Should be a LuHi Lion!

Schedule your tour or shadow day now!

An Admissions Appointment includes a personal tour and is a great way to get your questions answered as well as learn about Lutheran High School's culture. Appointments last about 30-45 minutes.

A shadow day is the best way for your student to know if LuHi is a good fit for them. They will spend a day with a student that shares their interests and get a real "day-in-the-life" experience.

Eighth grade students are welcome to shadow any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday we are in session. Admissions Appointments (tours) are for both 7th and 8th grade families.

No shadows on:

  • September 21st (7th and 8th Grade Preview Day)
  • October 17-19th
  • October 24th
  • November 2nd
  • November 16th
  • November 21-23rd
  • December 7th-January 11th
  • January 18th
  • January 21st
  • January 23rd
  • February 15th
  • February 18th
  • March 18-22nd
  • April 19-22nd
  • May 10th-end of school

Schedule your tour or shadow day now or contact Jodi Hoehne at jodi.hoehne@lhsparker.org for more information!

“High school is such an important time in your life and Lutheran High School is an amazing place to grow and challenge yourself spiritually and academically.”  

– Kyle Venberg, ‘17