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Schedule a visit

There are many ways to check out Lutheran High School, and visiting campus can help your student picture themselves as a Lion!

  • Set up a Shadow Day for your 8th-grade student.
  • Schedule a personal tour for your family.
  • Come to an on-campus event such as an Open House or our Preview Day.

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Step 1

Apply Online and Schedule Your Test Date

Please select your preferred High School Placement Test testing date (Nov 11th or Dec 9th) within the application. Your student will be registered to take the HSPT at Lutheran High by specifying your preferred testing date and submitting the application. A testing fee of $20 will be due at check-in.

Apply Today

Early Action Application Deadline: December 6th, 2023

Step 2

Notices of Admission Status

Notices of Admission Status will be sent to students in the mail. Students who apply by the Early Action Deadline can anticipate receiving notifications by January 31st, 2024.

If you have questions in the meantime, please get in touch with our Admissions Team at admissions@lhsparker.org.

Step 3

Tuition & Enrollment

The tuition assistance application is a separate application from the admissions application. For questions regarding tuition assistance, please reach out to tuition@lhsparker.org.

Accepted students will receive information regarding enrollment, course selection, and tuition payments in mid-February 2024. Completing the enrollment packet confirms your student’s spot for the fall. If the enrollment packet is not submitted by March 31st, 2024, the student’s spot will be forfeited to a waiting applicant.

New families can apply for tuition assistance today →

Step 4

Admissions Requirements

The application for the 2024-2025 school year will open on September 1st, 2023. A $75 nonrefundable application fee is due when the application is submitted. If you prefer to pay by check, contact us, and we will be happy to discuss an alternative payment process with you. To be considered for acceptance, Lutheran High School requires:

  • An up-to-date transcript or report card from the student’s current school
  • A copy of the student’s attendance record and behavior record
  • Recommendation forms filled out by current teachers (Teachers will email the documents directly back to us via the student’s submitted application)
  • An original essay written by the student (Prompts found within the application)
  • The HSPT placement test (Scheduled within the application) - see placement test dates below:
    • November 11, 2023
    • December 9, 2023

Transfer Applicants

Freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior students interested in transferring to LuHi for the 2024-2025 school year are welcome to apply on or after September 1st.  Opportunities to transfer depend on current student retention and transfer students will be accepted on a space-available basis. If interested in possibly transferring to Lutheran High, all students must complete the application to be added to the waiting pool.

Semester transfers will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in transferring to Lutheran High at semester (for a January 2024 start), please contact the Admissions Team for consideration.

Transfer Application Requirements

  • Submit the online application
  • High school transcript with a minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Math recommendation
  • English recommendation
  • Character recommendation
  • Student essay
  • $75 application fee
  • Interview with the Lutheran High Admissions Team

Who applies
to LuHi?

A lot of students! LuHi receives applications from students attending middle schools across the Denver Metro Area - ranging from schools in Aurora, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Lakewood, Monument, North Denver, and Parker. Applicants also represent a variety of home churches and denominational backgrounds. Each freshman class at LuHi is made up of unique individuals that add to our school culture, helping create a school environment centered on faith, academic excellence, and personal growth. LuHi students will have the opportunity to get to know one another better and bond as a class at Freshman Retreat.

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Middle schools represented in the 2022-2023 freshmen class
of 2022-2023 freshmen came from a charter middle school
Acceptance rate in the 2022-2023 freshmen class
different Christian churches represented in the 2022-2023 freshmen class
"I'm never without support from my teachers and friends when I need help on an assignment. Potential students need to know that Lutheran is a school unlike any other."
Jonathan Jaffee, class of 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the High School Placement Test? Does my student need to study?

The High School Placement test provides a baseline for where 8th-grade students are academically in the following areas: verbal skills, quantitative skills, reading, math, and language. Students will be tested on material they should be familiar with up to this point in 8th grade. The scores from the HSPT come back as grade level equivalencies, which is a helpful guide in the course selection process. Students are not required to study for the HSPT, and LuHi does not provide study materials.

My student is taking a placement test at another school. Do they need to take it at Lutheran as well?

If a student is taking the same placement test that LuHi offers, the Scholastic High School Placement Test, at another school, they do not need to take it a second time at Lutheran High. Students who test at another school will need to request their scores and email the score report directly to the Admissions Team. HSPT results can be emailed to admissions@lhsparker.org.

Who can serve as my student's Additional Character Reference?

The Additional Character Reference can be any adult that knows your student well and can speak to their character. Some examples include another teacher (science, history, Spanish, etc.), pastor, youth group leader, coach, or parent they babysit for. The additional character recommendation form should not be completed by a family member or a close family friend.

I am applying on September 1st, and my student does not have any grades yet. Can I submit their 7th-grade report card?

The admissions application must be completed in steps and cannot be completed in one sitting because applicants are required to submit grade information from their 8th-grade year. This may include a finalized first quarter/first trimester report card or a current in-progress report. 7th-grade report cards and documents submitted in lieu of grades will not be accepted and applications will be considered "In Progress" until 8th-grade information is received. Applicants may work on the rest of the application while they wait for 8th-grade grades and applications may only be submitted once 8th-grade information has been uploaded.

I am applying on September 1st, and my student does not know their 8th-grade teachers well enough for them to complete the recommendation forms. Can we have their 7th-grade teachers complete the forms?

Two of the recommendation forms on the admissions application, the math and the English forms, ask teachers to recommend class placement for the student’s freshman year. 8th-grade teachers are usually able to make the most accurate recommendations for placement for freshman year since they see the student’s current progress first-hand. Recommendation forms will not be sent until the application is submitted.

I am interested in enrolling my student at Lutheran part-time. Are they able to participate in extracurricular activities?

School policy requires that students be enrolled at Lutheran High School full-time to participate in extracurricular activities, including athletics, performing arts, and clubs.

My student is interested in transferring and is interested in participating in athletics. Will they be able to play sports at Lutheran?

According to the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA), students who transfer to another high school are ineligible to participate at the varsity level for 365 days. Please read more about the CHSAA Transfer Rules, which can be found on their website.

How does the waiting pool work?

Once a class reaches its capacity, applicants will be placed into a waiting pool. The waiting pool is not done on a first-come, first-serve basis and does not make applicants a number in line. When a spot opens up in a class, the Admissions Team will look through all applications in the waiting pool and reach out to families accordingly to move forward with the admissions process.

Do you have a waitlist for students in 7th grade and younger?

Lutheran High School does not have a waitlist or waiting pool for 7th graders or younger students. The admissions process does not begin until students are in 8th grade.

How faith-based is LuHi's curriculum?

LuHi is focused on providing a Christ-centered education rooted in Scriptural truth. Students will experience the Christian worldview in all classes, so they are prepared to think about their faith in different contexts and perspectives. All students take a Theology class each year, and the entire student body attends chapel together three times a week. In addition to encouraging students’ academic growth, we encourage their growth in Christ.

Does LuHi have a dress code?

Yes, and Lutheran High students must follow our “business casual” dress code outlined in our Student-Parent Handbook. Students are not required to wear uniforms.

My student is homeschooled. Whom should we list as their math and English references?

For students who are homeschooled and have parents and/or family members as their teachers, the parent or family member may serve as the student's math and/or English reference. Please enter the personal email address so that you or the family member will receive the recommendation form. Complete the form at your earliest convenience from the perspective of your student's teacher. If a parent is both the student's math and English teacher, you will have to enter two different email addresses under the reference contact information.

If your student participates in an online or co-op program, their teacher(s) from the program should serve as their reference(s). Please enter their contact information on the application and inform the reference to look for an email requesting a recommendation from Lutheran High School.

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