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LuHi is still your home!

You are invited back to campus to tour campus, attend athletic and performing arts events, and say hi to your former teachers!

Plan a visit

We are happy to see our alumni come back to visit. We want to respect the time of teachers, as well as preserve the learning environment for our current students. Please contact the teacher you’d like to visit before your arrival on campus a time before or after school, or during an off-period. Unscheduled visits are possible after school is out at 2:50 p.m. When you arrive for your appointment, check-in with your driver’s license at the Front Office will receive a visitor badge and your teacher will be called back soon!

Address Updates

Email your current address to John.Rinks@lhsparker.org so we can update our alumni database - especially so class reunion organizers know how to reach you and so we can mail you the annual school magazine, which includes alumni news.

Email John Rinks to Schedule a Visit

Request a Transcript

You can request your high school transcript by completing this form and returning it to our Registrar, Jillian.Lietzau@lhsparker.org.

Your gererosity impacts lives

Help the LuHi legacy continue to grow with a donation. Learn what needs we currently have.

See what your fellow alumni are up to

Read their Stories