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"The reason we are at LuHi is because of the staff. Each of my kids were treated with such care and guidance. The care and Christian love was evident in your teaching and all the many extras you do each day. Lutheran's identity, for us, is its teachers and staff. That is what sets this high school apart from others in our state." – Steve and Ann Hazel, LuHi parents

Students Thrive

Listen to Executive Director, Dan Gehrke, talk about how "surviving high school" isn't how we do things around here. Surrounding students with adults who care, an environment where culture matters, and a Christian worldview will make all the difference.


I&O - Ep4


"I absolutely adore the students, faculty, and environment that LuHi provides. The close, nurturing feel of the school allows me to feel loved and welcomed. There is not a moment that goes by that I regret my decision of becoming a Lutheran Lion!"
- Maddie Sauerbreit, class of 2018