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"The reason we sent our kids to LuHi was because of the staff. Each of my kids were treated with such care and guidance. The care and Christian love was evident in your teaching and all the many extras you do each day. Lutheran's identity, for us, is its teachers and staff. That is what sets this high school apart from others in our state." – Steve and Ann Hazel, former LuHi parents

Learn more about the admissions process

Ready to apply? Besides an application, the admissions process also requires teacher recommendations, a placement test, transcripts, and more. But don't worry, we have resources and checklists to help you streamline the process. And as always, our Admissions Team is here to help.

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Students Thrive

Listen to Executive Director, Dan Gehrke, talk about how "surviving high school" isn't how we do things around here. Surrounding students with adults who care, an environment where culture matters, and a Christian worldview will make all the difference.


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Tuition Assistance

Finding the best school to academically nurture and challenge your children is critical to their success. For many families, paying for that academic investment in their children is a major stressor.

Financial barriers should not prevent you from making the best decision for your children’s futures. Here at LuHi, we offer tuition assistance to help make a Christian education more affordable for families. In fact, 60% of our students receive some form of tuition assistance.

Applying for tuition assistance is simple and streamlined to remove as much stress as possible for parents. Learn more about the tuition assistance process here.

Learn more about the  tuition assistance process.

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"Lutheran is a truly wonderful environment, with an impressive culture. I think that there are three main things that make our culture so special. Number one, our teachers are incredible. They are so dedicated to their students. Not only are they great at teaching, but they care about each student individually as well. Number two, mindset. At LuHi, everyone is exptected to give their God given best. It is understood that you won't be good at everything, but it is expected that you do your best. Number three, our culture all centers around Jesus. That's the biggest factor that makes LuHi so special - that Jesus is the cornerstone and the building block of this school. Lutheran High School has excellent culture."
- Kallie Lemon, class of 2022