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The Academies

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The 6 Academies at Lutheran High School are:

  • Art
  • Business
  • Lights
  • Music
  • Mission & Ministries
  • STEM

Lights Academy is one of the best parts of experience at Lutheran. I was able to grow in some of my passions like missions/service, faith, and leadership. This class gave me unexpected friendships and many laughs, alongside meaningful work on our own interests. – Mercedes Pankratz, Class of 2020

Why an Academy?

Pursue Your Passion, Honor God, Serve the Community

The Academies at Lutheran High School is a unique curricular concept designed for students who desire academic rigor and the opportunity to pursue their passions in a particular academic area. Opportunities for students to personalize the Academy to fit their passions allow students to thrive. Students choose an area of focus interesting to them so they can dive in, learn, and get a head start on their future career. Upon completion of requirements, students earn an “endorsement” on their high school transcript.

An Academy Endorsement serves as a differentiator in the college admissions process. Students who complete the Academy requirements can show colleges and universities that they went “above and beyond” the normal high school experience.

An Academy allows students to pursue their passions. Students who already have a sense of their future career area, or desire to see if certain academic field is the right future fit can pursue a deeper understanding of that field through an Academy.

An Academy builds future leaders. Through the community collaboration, the cross-academy course work, and the capstone project, students will receive the necessary skills to serve and lead others.


Student Passions Matter

Why wait until after you graduate to pursue your passions. In an Academy, you can use creative problem solving to dive into your area of interest. Develop the skills you need to suceed later in life right here in high school.

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The four essential elements to each academy are encompassed in the 4C's:

Collaborative Community Experience
Cross-Academy Curriculum
Capstone Project

Students may join an Academy as a Junior, but are encouraged to consider pursuing an area they are passionate about their freshmen and sophomore years. With the extra coursework and responsibilities that accompany academy membership, applicants must demonstrate an ability to approach additional responsibilities with both a scholastic aptitude and appropriate attitude.

Upon completion of academy requirements, Lutheran High School will be pleased to add an academy endorsement to a student’s transcript. This endorsement informs institutions of higher learning, future employers, and organizations that the student has had significant exposure to both the academic and practical applications of their area of passion, while completing a well-rounded program of study at Lutheran High School. This endorsement is also our acknowledgement that apart from merely taking additional courses, this student has had the opportunity to work with mentors, collaborate with other academy students and faculty, present their accomplishments to the LuHi and greater community, and serve others in very tangible ways.

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The Acadamies were such a beneficial opportunity to learn and grow my passions before spreading my wings and taking off to college. I was gifted with a chance to dig deep and work hard at finding the topics that my heart recognized over two years and to pursue excellence within the field. – Abby Akers, Class of 2019