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Mission & Ministry


Pursue your Passion

The Academies at Lutheran High School is a unique curricular concept designed for students who desire academic rigor and the opportunity to pursue their passions in a particular academic area. Opportunities for students to personalize the Academy to fit their passions allow students to thrive. All Academies provide space for students to pursue their passions followed by opportunities for students to receive accountability from mentors and exposure to expertise in this area. A high level of self-motivation is required as Academy work is done primarily outside of the traditional classroom. Students choose an area of focus interesting to them so they get a head start on their future careers.

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Art Academy

Art Academy is for those who are serious about an art career. The Capstone Art Show is the rigorous final aspect of the curriculum. Academy students have extended class periods, high-quality materials, and mentors to help them prepare in the area of their choice. Students develop a top-notch portfolio explicitly geared for that college major. Creativity and process are honored above product in this unique learning environment.

Watch highlights from the 2023  Art Academy Portrait Contest



Business Academy

This Academy helps students explore potential career paths, connect with professionals, and develop independent projects about their passion. They take coursework that sets the foundation for future studies or a career in some area of business. Business Academy students are self-motivated, skilled in time management and communication, and able to represent the Business Academy in the community professionally. Career exposure is so important at the high school level. Students begin building their network, connecting with mentors, and exploring potential careers in high school. They also learn to dive into their area of interest and apply business course knowledge to their specific interests for their senior Capstone project.


Lights Academy

This Academy is a personalized learning academy where students have the opportunity to pursue their God-given interests and passions in meaningful ways within a project-based format. The core of the experience is where students learn to ask really good questions and then have the freedom to pursue answers to these questions through deep research. In addition, Lights prepares students for their future through teaching effective public speaking, organization of work, Christian leadership, and soft skills.



Music Academy

Through coursework, lessons, and track-specific projects, it gives students a taste of what it would be like to major in music in college. Music Academy provides an opportunity for students to explore different career paths, pursue their musical passions, and become the best musicians they can be. Students choose one of five tracks including Performance, Composition, Church Music, Jazz Studies, and Music Education. The Performance and Composition tracks are designed to help students prepare for college admissions auditions. The Church Music and Music Education tracks are focused on career exploration.



Mission & Ministry

This Academy is for students with a ministry mindset who want to learn more about how to serve a community. Students in Mission and Ministry Academy are mentored by LuHi’s Director of Campus Ministry in how to share the love of Jesus Christ. Requirements for this program are participating in Worship Class, acting as a Thrive leader, and completing additional service hours.



STEM Academy

STEM Academy is for students passionate about pursuing a career in a STEM field such as medical, engineering, or computer science fields. It is for students who desire to learn more, pursue connections, and enjoy exploring STEM projects. In STEM Academy, successful students are self-driven, able to set their own goals, and can accomplish large tasks requiring more than one step. Students can choose from one of two tracks: Engineering and Medicine.



Student Passions Matter

One purpose of the Academies at LuHi is to let students run with their passions so they can explore their gifts and learn how to share them with the world.

The 4 C's

The 4 C’s are incorporated into each Academy.

  • Coursework
  • Collaborative Community Experience
  • Cross-Academy Curriculum
  • Capstone Project

Academy Applications

Sophomore students apply for an Academy at the end of the Spring semester. Each Director holds a short informational meeting each Spring Semester. Upon completion of requirements, students earn an “endorsement” on their high school transcript. The Academies pave the way for students to dive into an academic area of interest that goes beyond the classroom. This program is for self-driven students ready to explore on their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a good fit for Art Academy?

Art Academy is a good fit for students who want to spend a significant amount of time in high school creating art. This Academy is great for students seeking guidance, critique, and encouragement to step out of their artistic comfort zone to explore new mediums. Each student will spend time building a portfolio for the college admissions process.

Who is a good fit for Business Academy?

Business Academy is a good fit for students with an interest in business topics such as economics, finance, accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship and more. This Academy is a great fit for students seeking to network with professionals, observe local business mentors, and learn leadership skills in line with their interests.

Who is a good fit for Lights Academy?

Lights Academy is a good fit for students that have a variety of interests that they would like to pursue or one specific interest that they would prefer to study in a project based format. Lights is also excellent for students seeking to be well-prepared in college with deep research, public speaking, organization of work, Christian leadership, and soft skills.

Who is a good fit for Music Academy?

Music Academy is a good fit for students who have a passion for music and want to explore avenues to pursue it further. Students will hone skills, network with music industry professionals, and discover skills complementary to their area of passion. This Academy is for students seeking to serve others with their unique talents and to lead others to the joy music brings.

Who is a good fit for Mission & Ministry Academy?

Mission and Ministry Academy is a good fit for students who desire to serve and lead ministry opportunities on and off campus. This Academy is for students seeking an example of discipleship, lifelong servanthood, and how to foster an environment of Christian Living. Like other Academies, this can take many forms and is largely student-initiated.

Who is a good fit for STEM Academy?

STEM Academy is a good fit for students ready to take steps to find solutions to the problems they see in the world. This Academy is perfect for students seeking to display to colleges their drive, energy, and problem solving skills.

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