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Rental Request

We always enjoy working with our community to house events. You can choose from a variety of our state-of-the-art facilities to rent at reasonable rates. The facilities available for renting year round include the:

  • Gym - This space is great for athletic groups, youth group activities, or large presentations.
  • Performing Arts and practice room - This room has risers to accommodate a band practice, a wood floor with a wall or mirrors for choreography practice, and a private, soundproof practice room for individual lessons or practice. You can choose different acoustics in the practice room and even record your practice or accompaniments.
  • Track and Field - Our outdoor track and field with newly updated turf is available for youth sports teams, rec leagues, or to fulfill other athletic needs. When renting our field, you also have access to our lights if your rental goes into the evening.
  • Kitchen - It has all the standard amenities of a kitchen.
  • Classrooms - You can choose between classrooms with desks or tables, based on your needs. All of our classrooms have Smart Boards and projectors available for your use.

During the school year, the facilities are available for use most evenings and weekends. Most facilities are available during the day or evenings on weekdays or weekends during the summer. Summer rental times vary on the availability of LuHi staff supervision. It is generally a good idea to plan your event with us a month or more out for summer rentals so we can be sure to find the coverage needed to accommodate your group.

If your event will be relatively short, then we can typically accommodate you with only a week's notice. Longer events that will last several hours or days should be coordinated with us as soon as possible. We are happy to work with you however we can to make sure our facilities are available and ready for your use.

Some examples of groups that utilize our facilities include:

  • youth football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, track and lacrosse teams
  • church groups
  • HOA groups
  • theater groups
  • beauty pageants
  • martial arts tournaments
  • fundraisers such as the American Cancer Society Relay for Life
  • Boy Scouts
  • Douglas County Young Marines
  • guitar shows
  • and class reunions
From youth sporting events to organizations such as Boy Scouts to bible studies, our facilities are ideal for any size group with a wide variety of needs. Keeping our facilities up-to-date and available for rent is just one more way we can serve the community. Please contact Rachelle Robbins with questions.