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New Athletics Complex in 2025

LuHi will better serve student-athletes with a new outdoor sports complex. The project will add on-campus, all-weather baseball and softball fields, plus full-size and half-size turf practice fields for football, soccer, lacrosse, and track & field teams.

You can support Greater Impact Phase 3 with a one-time gift or a pledge using the form below. Be part of something amazing!

To make a pledge commitment and set up pledge payments via credit card:

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Gifts will be processed on the 5th day of the month. If you prefer a different date, please contact Cheryl Cattau at cheryl.cattau@lhsparker.org.


More fields will impact 400+ student athletes

Sixty-eight percent of LuHi’s 1,000 students play a sport; over 400 play an outdoor sport. Currently, all levels of football, soccer, lacrosse, and track & field share ONE field. This 9 million dollar athletics complex will give teams more practice space and enable earlier practice times, and fans can support baseball and softball teams on home fields instead of off-campus, rented fields.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the two phases of building the new athletic complex?

Phase A will focus on turf, parking, a pedestrian bridge over the gulch, and utilities. This will allow our teams to practice there as soon as possible.

Phase B will add bleachers, scoreboards, restrooms, concessions, lights, and other amenities. If donated funds allow everything to be built at once, that would be our preference.

Can you give insight into the cost of this project?

Due to the location of the facility, infrastructure costs are extremely high. Water, sewer, and utilities must be run a long distance to the site. Environmental issues and the management of the flood plain also increase the overall cost of the project.

Why not just continue to rent off-campus baseball and softball fields?

The demand for those spaces increases every year, and availability at times can be limited. Having our own fields within close proximity is a huge advantage for flexibility and efficiency for both time and travel. Students will also be able to enjoy a short walk to attend home games and cheer on their classmates.

The school already has a beautiful stadium. What is the benefit of adding additional fields?

Currently 414 student-athletes play an outdoor sport spread out across multiple teams, all of them vying for quality practice time. Having this facility will allow for more effective practices with earlier times and less overlap and sharing of the field.

Are there still plans to build a second gym?

Those plans still exist, but a strategic reassessment in 2023 determined that outdoor athletic fields was a bigger need. That, and the fact that the cost estimates for a larger gym had more than doubled during the planning phase, we elected to move forward with the outdoor athletic complex. A second gym will be a future phase of our campus development.

Campus Master Plan 2024-1

You can help make this happen.

This simulation video by the architect visualizes the new 7.7 acre athletics complex planned for 2025. For more information please contact John.Rinks@lhsparker.org.