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Meet Head Cross Country Coach, Martin VanDerSchouw

Martin VanDerSchouw stepped into the head cross country coaching role with a lot of passion and experience. He started running cross country his senior year of high school and hasn’t looked back since. With only one season under his belt, he was offered full rides at both the University of Utah and the University of Kansas to run. As a self described basketball junkie, his choice was easy.


Why Technology in the Classroom is More Important Than Ever Right Now

At Lutheran High, we have welcomed our students and staff back to campus for the Fall 2020 semester. We have made numerous adjustments to create an inclusive environment that is accessible to our families whose students may not be ready or able to attend in-person classes. Whether living in a multi-generational household, or having regular contact with someone who is immuno-compromised, we have prepared resources for all students to continue their education seamlessly.


Psalm 22 and 23: Two Psalms, Same God

Today’s devotion is a little different than normal. We’re talking about two Psalms, two powerful phrases, and what they mean for us today. Before we delve in, set aside time with your Bible to read the Psalms slowly one after another. As you do, think about these questions:


How to Stay Focused When Getting Back Into a Routine

In times of turmoil, it can be hard to remain focused. But, the Lord reminds us in Psalm 91:14-15 that as long as we remain focused on Him, he will always have our backs. At LuHi, we are grateful to have our students back on campus, and we want everyone to be successful in this transition back to our normal routines. It can always be difficult to return to a school schedule after summer break, but this year may be particularly challenging for many families as they have been adjusting to a new routine at home as well. Here are some things to keep in mind as you transition from a loosely scheduled summer into the full swing of daily classes.


Meet LuHi's new wrestling coach, Patrick Stiles

LuHi is excited to welcome Patrick Stiles as the newest member of the LuHi coaching family. Patrick will be starting up the LuHi Wrestling program as it’s head coach.


Meet the 2020 New Teachers!

Meet the newest staff members joining the LuHi family for the upcoming school year! We are excited to welcome five new full time teachers and two part time teachers.


LuHi Admissions: Mark your Calendar for these Admissions Events!

Perspective families! Mark you calendars for these admissions specific dates. We'd love for you to come in and learn more about LuHi!


Back to School Events: Here’s what’s happening around campus this year!

Fall Sports

Our Fall Sports teams would love to have your support at a home game or match. Although some sports that traditionally happen in the fall are missing from the docket, we are still excited to cheer on the teams that do get to participate! Check out our school calendar to see when our Softball, Cross Country, and Boys Golf teams are competing: https://www.lhsparker.org/calendar


10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Freshman Year

Starting high school is an exciting time of life. It’s a new phase, a chance to start fresh, or to continue pursuing your dreams and goals. Many students wonder how to make their first year of high school the best it can possibly be. Start the journey off right with 10 great things to keep in mind to make the most of your freshman year in academics, athletics, social life and spiritual development. 


Balancing Academic Drive With Self-Wellness

Becoming a LuHi Lion is a blessing in many ways. We have so much to offer our students, including college-prep classes, exemplary teachers, and an enriching community life. But as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. Statistics show that today’s academic responsibilities can cause half of high school students, particularly those in private schools, to undergo unhealthy stress levels. SAT exams, college applications and scholarships, extra-curricular activities, volunteering and work responsibilities, and less time to do it all can amount to major burnout. 


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