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Student Success: Holding our students accountable

One of the greatest things we can do as a school and a community is to help our students learn how to be accountable for their own actions, both inside the school walls, and outside in the community. Too often, Generation Z is called out for being disconnected, disaffected and generally entitled. At Lutheran High School, we don’t believe that for a second. We trust our students to be responsible and engaged, and are here to help to foster accountability in our younger generations. This article highlights 5 ways we attempt to do just that, every day.


The Elements of a Great Community

This past year taught us many things, one of them being the value of community. It didn’t take long for quarantine to show us how much we missed social gatherings! Virtual hangouts aren’t a perfect replacement, but we do whatever we can to connect because we are made to live together.


Public to Private: Why Make the Switch

Many parents face a difficult consideration when their children reach school age: public or private. There are advantages and disadvantages to each choice, and for many families, it becomes a matter of finances or convenience. However, once children begin with public school, it may become apparent that private schooling could be a better option for your family. Switching to private school has many important benefits, including smaller class sizes and customized curricula. While each family must decide what works best for their own children, it may help to review some of the possible benefits of making the switch.


Give Your Shame a Kick in the Pants

Have you ever had a pet who had to wear the cone of shame? Our dog recently had a surgery that required the lampshade-shaped piece of plastic and absolutely despised it. While some animals who wear it bang erratically around between walls and furniture, our dog stood statue-still, totally immobilized, afraid to put one paw in front of another because she didn’t have a clear peripheral vision. We literally had to pick her up to take her from room to room.


Teacher Spotlight with Mr Monte

In this month’s teacher spotlight we are privileged to get to know Mr. Monte, the new Algebra I and Statistics teacher. This is his first year at LuHi and his eighth year of teaching. Read on to discover what inspired him to come to LuHi, his advice for pursuing a career using math, and what his favorite superpower is!


Maximizing Virtual College Tours: Three Tips for High Schoolers

College tours have changed a lot in our current age of social distancing and virus prevention, but that doesn’t mean your experience has to be diminished. Virtual college tours are a great way to learn about potential schools, without the constraints of travel costs, overlapping sessions, or trying to pick the perfect outfit to impress new peers. This article gives three important tips on how to get the most out of your virtual college tours this year.


Emotional Intelligence and Why it's Important

When it comes to smarts, people typically think of their school test scores and IQ (Intelligence Quotient.) But did you know there’s a new type of intelligence? It’s called an EQ, or Emotional Quotient, and it’s being used to create healthier school and workplace environments.


How LuHi Fosters a Culture of Improvement and Growth for Students

It’s true. We have high standards for our students at Lutheran High. We want them to succeed at the highest levels, and to be so much more than just “functioning adults.” We want to help out students become compassionate, giving, loving, intelligent members of society who are committed to God, and who impact the world in big ways. This goal drives everything we do at LuHi, and we are strategic in supporting students to achieve it. We are proud of our school’s culture of improvement and growth. Let’s talk more about what that means.


Behind the Scenes of Christmas

Many of you have watched a LuHi drama performance put on by our talented theater department. But how many of you have witnessed what happens behind the scenes? Compared to what happens on stage it’s not so pretty, even though it’s absolutely necessary for making the actors and set and lights and music all come together to create a successful production.


Why the Arts are Important in Christian Schools

It is pretty self-evident what a central theme the arts are to our lives when we consider the very first words of the Bible. Genesis 1:1 says “In the beginning, God created heaven and the earth.” Our ultimate creator, God gave life and representation to every creature on earth. He is a magnificent artist and because we live in His image, we are all creators as well. At Lutheran High School, we have developed a high-quality arts program to help students flourish while bringing glory to God through their talents.


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