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Meet the new LuHi Head Baseball Coach, Scott Hormann

Scott Hormann has a long love of baseball. Although he loves a lot of sports and even played football in college, baseball is his first love. Besides joining the LuHi coaching staff as our new head baseball coach, he is also the Director for USA Prime Colorado Baseball and I am a co-owner of the Khaos Clubhouse indoor hitting facility in Littleton.


Two Options to Earn College Credit at LuHi

At LuHi, students have two options for earning college credit while in high school. These options help our students tailor their high school education to their interests and give them a head start in college. Let’s dive in.


Staff Spotlight: Lynne Rodefeld, Serving behind the scenes

It’s important to step back from our daily rhythms sometimes and reflect on all the wonderful work God is doing at Lutheran High. Thanks to His provision, our student body is growing and thriving; our facilities are growing; our teachers lead with compassion and wisdom; and even when we don’t see them in our classrooms and hallways, many staff members work tirelessly to keep the engine under our “ministry hood” running efficiently.


Devo: Children of the Day

I saw the first Christmas lights this year at the beginning of October. Even before the pandemic, people have been decking their halls before Thanksgiving, but recent events seem to have pushed more people aboard the very early Polar Express.


Your Gifts Change the World, One Student at a Time

Excellent Christian education has always been important, but in these changing times, it is life transformational. According to Barna.com, teens across the country are losing their faith in alarming numbers. Generation Z (people born between 1999 and 2015) is the “first truly ‘post-Christian’ generation.” The number of teens who consider themselves to be atheists is twice as many as the general population.


Student Directed One Act Highlights

Four LuHi students directed one-act plays this year as part of our LuHi Theatre showcase. If you missed last week's post about Kaden's original play, read it here. This week, we hear from two other students who directed one-acts: Addie Eloe and Kendall Savage. Read more about their experience as directors below!


Spotlight on Student Directed One Acts: Kaden Groce

Our Theatre Department has a longstanding tradition of student-directed one-act performances each fall semester. This year 4 seniors, Ben Sparling, Kaden Groce, Addie Eloe, and Kendall Savage, took on the challenge of directing one-act plays. Kaden Groce took on the challenge of writing his own one-act plus an original song to go with it. Let's dive in to learn more about Kaden's process.


Devo: Praying Psalm 40

When you open your Bible, how do you read it? This isn’t a rhetorical question, but one to really think about because people read God’s Word with different methods.


Haley Looney awarded with ROTC Immediate Scholarship Reservation

Earlier this semester, Haley Looney was surprised to see Commander Baldwin in the gym during Chapel. She had met the Commander a few weeks prior when she was interviewing for an elite ROTC scholarship. That morning, Commander Baldwin presented Haley with the ROTC Immediate Scholarship Reservation. She shares how she felt in that moment, "I had no idea he was coming; it completely surprised me. I saw he had a big check, and my first thought was, I wonder who it's for?" When she saw her dad crying in the wings of the gym, it started to sink in the check was for her!


Alumni Spotlight: Designer and Artist Kent Anthony Harris

Today we are excited to share an interview with Class of 2016 grad Kent Anthony Harris. While he was at LuHi Kent was NHS president, a StuCo member, an Art Academy student, and part of the back-to-back-to-back State Track Championship team. Read on to see what Kent is up to these days:


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