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High school can be a wild four years, right? In the midst of classes and activities and friend groups, it can be hard to find your place. You might want to stand out from the crowd or you might want to blend in. Maybe you have strong opinions on a controversial subject but you’re afraid of what people will think. Maybe you want to dress differently but you’re afraid you’ll get made fun of. 


How to Make Friends in High School

If you’re lucky, as a new freshman, you might have entered high school in a class of your former middle school classmates. But just as likely, you’re either in a totally new school system, or all of your former friends and classmates have been scattered to different high schools. Even if you’re around familiar faces, your classmates are also constantly growing up, discovering new interests, and you may not be running in the same social circles.


Meet Your Freshman Teachers

Hey, incoming Freshman! We want to introduce you to some of the teachers you might have in class next year. Even if you don’t have them in class, you’re guaranteed to see their friendly faces around campus. We can’t wait to see you this August. Now, let’s meet some of your future teachers!


What to Expect When Starting a New Phase in Your Life Post High School

Great expectations. After graduation, we all have them, don’t we? Expectations for summer, college, and life as an adult are important to have as long as they don’t turn into disappointments. It’s tempting right now to live minute by minute, but it’s also necessary to look towards the horizon. This article will help you prepare so that your great expectations are also realistic expectations. 


Life Beyond High School - Preparing for the Next Steps

During high school, your education and extracurricular activities can entirely dominate your every thought and waking moment. Daily homework. Semester projects. Finals! Academy Capstones. The next big athletic event or club tournament. Drama with your classmates. It can be difficult to step back from the constant activity and consider what’s waiting for you after high school inevitably ends, you graduate, and...then what?


A Checklist For Your Summer Vacation

By now you’ve probably compiled your summer fun list. Two and a half months can seem too short, but this is one unique summer. You might find yourself with more time on your hands, or you might be recovering with the rest of the world from the darkness of the last four months. 



When you hear this sparkly word, what do you imagine? Joy can be felt with a huge smile, fireworks in a summer sky, a warm hug, tickets to a great game, a major accomplishment, a beach vacation, dinner with friends, and so much more. 


Why LuHi Uses Canvas

Lutheran uses Canvas as our Learning Management System. All students and teachers utilize Canvas for grades, course calendars and test dates, course notes and materials, to-do lists and more. Teachers are required to update course content material for the week every Monday morning. We believe in continuity, which is why you won’t see teachers using different platforms in their class. Canvas is integrated with Google Single On so students only need one username and password to access Canvas, their school email address, and school computers. LuHi aspires towards cohesiveness in the classroom, regardless of the subject matter. 


3 Big Reasons Why Students Should Get Involved in Activities Both In and Outside of School

We see students at Lutheran High School as leaders, both in their classrooms and in their future careers and peer relationships. Now, one doesn’t have to lead by being captain of a sports team or always having the highest grades in the class--though these are hardly bad aspirations. Simply being involved in school and extracurricular activities are an excellent way for students to foster strong leadership potential and healthy lifestyle habits that will serve them well for the decades to come.


Teacher Spotlight: Talking Theatre With Ms Lietzau, Mr Stelling and Mr Loesel

With a love for performance from the earliest years, Jillian Lietzau’s passion for theatre has brought her to be the Head of the Theatre Department here at Lutheran High School. She recalls her first role over as a dancing flower in Alice in Wonderland, all the way back in first grade. That was alongside being in an accelerated reading class that performed plays for younger students, youth choir, and high school theatre (in the LuHi Denver campus). But it took until her college years until she realized God’s calling for theatre, and how He’d guided her along that path for much of her life.


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