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Principal David Ness Celebrates the Decade

As our students and teachers welcome a fresh start in 2020, we say goodbye to the year 2019 and also to the decade. But did you know that Mr. David Ness is also celebrating his own decade as principal at LuHi? For the past ten years, Mr. Ness has been guiding us with his God-given wisdom and leadership skills through countless changes, challenges, growth opportunities and improvements. In celebration of his tenth year anniversary, he’s here to share some insights into his life and role here at LuHi. 


Bold Humility

Have you ever struggled to accept a compliment? 


Club Spotlight: Thrive

High school is hard. Really hard. It is more common today than ever before that youth experience loneliness, bullying, cliques, depression, anxiety, and other struggles on a daily basis. Knowing that Lutheran High is a close-knit family, Director of Campus Ministry Marty Kohlwey and other staff asked themselves: how can our school help students walk through these difficulties with love and courage? 


How Lutheran High School Builds a Unique Vision for Missions


Lutheran High School has been involved in missions trips for many years now, involving students, parents, and faculty in reaching larger communities and the whole world with God’s message of service and Christ-like love. For instance, our school runs annual trips to locations such as Mexico and Alaska. We also partner with ministries such as Touching Africa Ministries and Oceans Ministries so students can experience serving in Africa. We’re always open to adding more mission experiences and are considering another stateside outreach such as a Native American reservation in South Dakota.

But what really drives our ministry efforts? Why do we continue to invest so much time, effort, and funding into annual trips nationally and abroad? 

Opportunity to Minister

Foremost, and the reason that leaps to most people’s minds, is the service opportunity missions trips provide. Of course, our aim is to minister to the people and communities we visit, whether by helping with construction projects, bringing goods that aren’t otherwise available, performing labor in schools, orphanages, and churches, or simply helping out with local service initiatives, worship, and outreach. Students have the chance to demonstrate God’s love to those in need in a real and impactful manner. 

Opportunity to Learn and Grow

Students (and their parents) have an unparalleled chance to discover more about their world and break free from cultural and communal “bubbles” that can limit their understanding of and empathy for people other than themselves. Students are exposed to levels of poverty and hardship in stark ways, and it becomes incredibly real to them as they see actual people living in circumstances that stand in sharp contrast to their lifestyles back home. Those on mission trips also can gain a greater respect for unique cultures and worldviews, which can help them grow and mature in ways no classroom can ever duplicate. 

Plus, when students witness vibrant and strong faith being exhibited in dark or difficult situations, it can deepen their own walk with God as they recognize His goodness spreads across all cultures or economic situations.

Opportunity to Connect

When our faith is based on a relationship with an eternal and loving God, then it makes sense that ministering in His name should be relational as well. A mission trip is a short experience, and the help we can give people during them is limited. But each trip is a chance to engage with other believers around the world and establish relationships with those in need that can last for years to come. 

Our hope is that these relationships don’t end when the students return, but that they find ways to keep the connections active and perhaps even commit to long-term support of the churches, organizations, and communities they get in touch with during those initial trips. A good way students and families can determine if they feel called to serve a particular people group or region is to really get “in the trenches” with the ministries already established there. 

Not to mention that students can nurture deeper relationships with each other and their parents who go on the trips with them, helping them stay more engaged when they’re home. Few things can help bring more substance to relationships with family and friends than serving God together!

Inspiring Lifelong Change Abroad – And At Home  

At its core, Lutheran High School believes that we are called to minister to those in need wherever we are. Mission trips are a wonderful way to serve on the international stage, but we also want these trips to help students act out their faith right where they are at home and in school. As our principal, Mr Ness, always says, “See a need, fill a need.” This is the attitude of a servant leader.

Students come home with a different perspective of the people and needs around them. Our prayer is that they are not only happy to have running water and an XBox but that they understand those are not the things that make up a full life. They see their daily routines with new eyes, and can begin to gain a clearer vision of what God might be calling them to do in life.

Whether a student gets involved in ongoing missions or not, these trips still serve as springboards for growth and development on many mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. They can be the catalyst for positive change in a person’s faith, in their friendships, in their families, and in the purpose they find in their lives as they draw nearer to God through the experience.


Christmas Traditions and Memories Across LuHi

We love Christmas traditions. And, we have a lot of Christmas traditions and memories across the LuHi staff family to share! We hope you enjoy reading some of them below.


Top 10 Skills Learned in High School That Prepare You for Career Success

Even as students are going through high school and preparing for college, the employment landscape they will be entering years down the road is already shifting dramatically. New technologies are creating new careers practically on a daily basis. Trying to guess exactly what role a student will fill with their first employer or internship during their college years is a big unknown.


Fact or Fiction?: “A Prestigious School Guarantees Success”


Ever heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for?” It’s an idiom that’s thrown around a lot and often accepted as so-called common sense. The more you pay for something, the more value you should expect in return. Stretching the logic a bit, many people then assume that the more something costs, such as a car or designer clothes, the more inherent value or quality those things should have.


Spotlight on Track & Field — Training for Excellence

Fall Sports Recap

How LuHi’s Core Values Prepare Students to Flourish Beyond High School

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