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Tuition and Fees 2022-2023

Below are the tuition and fees for the LuHi 2022-2023 school year as well as information about tuition assistance. Tuition and fees are processed through our automatic payment system. If you need to set up your payment schedule, please contact Cheryl Cattau at cheryl.cattau@lhsparker.org.

Re-Enroll Here for Returning Students


  • $13,200 - Annual Tuition for the 2022-2023 school year. ($1,200 a month over 11 months, July 2022 - May 2023)
  • $12,900 - Annual Tuition for the 2022-2023 school year if full tuition and fees ($13,850) are paid by May 15, 2022.
  • $18,500 - Annual Tuition for international students with an I-20. This includes application and materials fees.



No student is allowed to attend classes until these fees are paid in full.

  • $75 - Non-refundable online application fee for new students.
  • $200 - Enrollment fee, automatically withdrawn on March 31st.
  • $675 - Non-refundable materials fee, automatically withdrawn on June 5, 2022.

Association Discounts & Scholarships

  • $660 - Students who are members of the churches that make up the Colorado Lutheran High School Association receive an annual discount of ($60 a month).
  • Families must notify Cheryl Cattau at cheryl.cattau@lhsparker.org if they are members of an Association Church before the first tuition payment.
  • The Association discount is not considered when determining a tuition assistance amount. The discount is awarded after tuition assistance has been determined.

  • $1000 - Lutheran Grade Schools Only: One-time 8th Grade Valedictorian Scholarship. This only applies to the freshmen year, and the discount is applied after tuition assistance is determined.
  • $500 - Lutheran Grade Schools Only: One-time 8th Grade Salutatorian Scholarship. This only applies to the freshmen year, and the discount is applied after tuition assistance is determined.

Full-Time vs. Part-Time

  • A student who takes 4 or more classes in a given semester is considered to be "full-time."
  • New students desiring to be "part-time" must pay the application and materials fee in full. The tuition per class for a part-time student is $2000 ($1000 a semester). The percentage of tuition that is discounted due to tuition assistance or other discounts will apply to the $2000 per class for part-time students.

Tuition Assistance

Lutheran High School uses FACTS to assist with determining levels of tuition assistance for its families.

  • A completed FACTS application should be submitted by April 20, 2022.
  • Tuition assistance can be applied for through FACTS after April 20, 2022. However, the majority of tuition assistance money will be awarded to those families that meet the April 20 deadline.
  • A 2021 W2 and other tax forms will need to be submitted online to FACTS to complete the application.
  • FACTs charges a fee of $40 per application submitted.
  • The Association discount is not considered when determining a tuition assistance amount. The discount is awarded after tuition assistance has been determined.
  • Lutheran Grade School Scholarships are not considered when determining a tuition assistance amount.
  • Outside scholarships (such as ACE or church scholarships) will be considered when determining tuition assistance. Tuition assistance awards can be adjusted when a scholarship has been received.

Prospective Family?

Please note: New families may desire to know a tuition assistance amount early in the application process. Conditional tuition assistance awards can be granted as soon as possible to new students who apply with FACTS. A FACTS application can be submitted with a 2020 tax return at any time. 2021 tax information will still need to be submitted to FACTS by April 20, 2022 to verify that award amount. Lutheran High School reserves the right to change the tuition assistance award due to a change in the financial situation of the family from 2021 to 2022.

For questions about tuition assistance or help applying for FACTS, please send an email to tuition@lhsparker.org.


If a student withdraws, full monthly tuition for the month of withdrawal is still due. If an international student withdraws during the school year, full semester tuition for the semester of withdrawal is still due.

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Tuition Assistance Frequently Asked Questions

What does the application process include?

Find information about the admissions process on the Admissions Requirements page.

Each freshmen applicant needs to:

  • submit an online application
  • write an essay
  • take the HSPT test
  • provide the email addresses of English, Math, and Homeroom teachers for recommendation requests
  • send the most recent copy of their transcript

On the application, families will see a place to enter email addresses of English, math, and homeroom teachers. Once they enter the email addresses, requests are sent to the teachers and are submitted directly back to the admissions office. Applicants do not need to collect any paper forms or send the forms to the teachers themselves.

Placement tests are offered once a month from October-February. Find dates of the tests on the Admissions Requirements page of the website. Register for the test by emailing Jodi.Hoehne@lhsparker.org.

How many students receive tuition assistance?

Approximately 50% of Lutheran High School students are receiving financial assistance (not including discounts for association membership or church worker discounts). These families have gone through the tuition assistance process.

What does the application process include?

Families desiring tuition assistance submit an application to FACTS through its website. FACTS assesses a families’ financial ability to pay tuition and then sends a report to LuHi. The Executive Director then uses a pre-determined rubric to grant tuition assistance for the school year.

Learn more about tuition costs here.

What is FACTS?

FACTS is an independent, third-party company that helps Lutheran High School in its assessment and evaluation of a family’s financial need from an objective standpoint. FACTS does not make any decisions on behalf of Lutheran High School, nor does it supply any funding to LuHi.

Are admission decisions and tuition assistance requests dependent in any way?

No, the two are not connected. The Admissions Department doesn't have any access to a family's tuition assistance application or information. A family desiring to know an amount prior to acceptance may apply through FACTS to gain an idea of how much assistance might be granted.

Does tuition assistance have to be paid back?

No. The amount awarded in tuition assistance simply reduces the total amount of tuition due. However, it is the desire that families that receive tuition assistance would strongly participate in other areas of non-tuition revenue to LuHi and volunteer their time at Lutheran High School events. Furthermore, LuHi desires that the students who receive tuition angel assistance graduate and become the tuition angel donors of the future.

Can a student earn a scholarship?

At the present time, Lutheran High School does not award merit-based scholarships other than the valedictorian and salutatorian awards granted to freshmen from Lutheran elementary schools.

Will a student’s athletic or arts ability influence whether tuition assistance is awarded or influence the amount awarded?

Lutheran High School awards tuition assistance based on financial need only. It does not award scholarships for skills and abilities. Scholarships for athletic and arts ability is prohibited by the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA).

Does Lutheran High School offer “full rides” to students?

No, in some cases we can offer up to 75% off tuition costs. All fees must still be paid in full although the tuition office can break up fees into a payment plan in certain cases.

Does tuition assistance cover fees?

No. All families must pay fees in full.

Are tuition assistance awards confidential?

Yes. The letter received by a family with an award amount also contains instructions on keeping that amount confidential in conversation with other LuHi families. Lutheran High School also keeps those amounts confidential. FACTS reports are kept in a secure file and not shared with anyone.

Does a Lutheran High School family have to go through the same process every year?

Yes. Family situations and household income change from year to year. Since the amount of tuition assistance given is a reflection of financial need, it makes sense to have each family apply every year.

If a family receives tuition assistance in one school year, can they count on the same amount the next school year?

Tuition assistance granted the previous school year is a part of the tuition assistance rubric. However, tuition assistance given can vary depending on a given year’s budget and the financial status of the school.

Do both parents from a split or blended family need to apply to FACTS?

No, only the parties responsible for paying all or part of tuition need to apply for assistance.

Where does the money for tuition assistance come from?

This may be the most misunderstood concept of financial assistance. No magical pot of money exists for tuition assistance. The money awarded to students and families is an expense line in the yearly budget.

The Ron Brandhorst Tuition Angel Program is then designed to raise the money needed to turn that line item into a completely funded expense. The Ron Brandhorst Tuition Angel Program is the ongoing annual appeal for LHS.

We desire 100% of Lutheran High School families to participate in the Ron Brandhorst Tuition Angel Program, even those who are receiving tuition assistance. 100% of LHS faculty and staff contribute to the program.

We desire even families who are receiving tuition assistance to make a donation to the Ron Brandhorst Tuition Angel Fund. Lutheran High School is a family that supports each other in all avenues of operation.

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What happens if the school does not meet the targeted goal for the Ron Brandhorst Tuition Angel Fund? What if the target is exceeded?

Simply put, raising less than the targeted goal is not an option. That money is needed to meet immediate budgetary needs. If the goal is not met, cuts will need to be made during the school year to stay on budget or a deficit will drag into the next school year. This will result in less money being awarded in tuition assistance the following school year and/or a more drastic raise in tuition.

Money in excess of the targeted goal would be carried forward to the next school year unless overall budget operating expense was higher than anticipated.

Is Lutheran High School outside of the norm for how it handles tuition assistance?

No. Similar structures are in place at most Christian high schools nation-wide. In a perfect world, everyone would be able to afford full tuition and fundraising and development could receive less emphasis. Unfortunately, with the current state of the economy and the rising cost of education, that is not the case.

Our community of supporters, alumni, families, and staff together can reach this goal. Mass appeals, the Auction, and face-to-face asks are all used to generate those needed funds.