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How to Make Friends in High School

If you’re lucky, as a new freshman, you might have entered high school in a class of your former middle school classmates. But just as likely, you’re either in a totally new school system, or all of your former friends and classmates have been scattered to different high schools. Even if you’re around familiar faces, your classmates are also constantly growing up, discovering new interests, and you may not be running in the same social circles.


Greater Impact: Why Participation Matters

Commitment to student participation is one of the qualities that sets LuHi apart from other schools. With close to seven hundred students, LuHi is large enough to have the resources to challenge students, but small enough for students to excel in academics and multiple activities.


Video: The Lessons Sports Teach Student Athletes

Greater Impact: What is Culture?

At LuHi, we think culture is of the utmost importance. That's why it have a place in our core values - to have a highly relational culture. Dean of Women, Alicia Oates, defines culture and why it impacts a high school environment in this minute long video. Then, watch Part 2: Why is Culture Important by Mr. Ness.


6 Tips to Start the Semester Strong at LuHi

As we get ready to begin the 2016-2017 school year here are 6 tips to help you be successful and enjoy high school.


Practical Tips to Succeed in the Second Semester

Written by Alicia Oates, Dean of Women

“New Year, New You” — I don’t know how many times I heard my 15 year old niece make that comment right before the New Year. While she was poking fun at the concept that a flip of the calendar would change everything it is something you hear all the time as the 1st of January approaches. Resolutions, changes — it’s going to be the best year yet…

And then there is the thought of returning to school, returning to the grind of daily life…


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