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Interview with Dan Gehrke, Executive Director of LuHi

It’s been about two years since we sat down with you and asked some questions. Is the timing right to do this again?

Absolutely. I enjoy a forum to speak candidly about the big picture of Lutheran High School and all the things we are currently working on.


Greater Impact: What makes a high school great?

If you’ve begun the hunt for the right high school, then you’ve asked yourself (and probably your five closest friends), “What makes a high school great?” And maybe more specifically, “What makes a high school great for my kid?”


Greater Impact: Why consider Christian Ed for your student?

Christian Education is valuable beyond small class sizes, opportunities for involvement, and personal relationships with teachers and coaches.

The goal of many - if not all - Christian schools is to prepare students to continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus far beyond high school and be well equipped to explain and defend their faith. The importance of this faith preparation is valuable far beyond academic preparation for college and careers.


Greater Impact: Why the Academies are Enhancing Student Learning

A couple of years ago the leadership at Lutheran High School pondered the question: "What can we do for our academically motivated students to provide them an advantage for life after high school?"


Greater Impact - A Look Inside, Pt 5: Talented Teachers Make All the Difference

We are that generation of parents that wants the absolute best for our kids and will move mountains to make that happen. Colorado has so many options for high school, I'm sure the task at hand can seem daunting. You have to be asking yourself, "What is the best environment for my kid?" Whether you choose Lutheran High School as your home or not, I appreciate that you included us in your process of finding a high school.


Greater Impact - A Look Inside, Pt 4: Advanced Placement Courses

One of the most frequently asked questions by prospective families that are checking out Lutheran High School for their son or daughter is "How many AP classes do you offer?"

For many reasons, "number of AP courses offered" has become a defining characteristic of an "academically excellent high school." It has become a major selling point for both public and private schools if they have a large lineup of AP courses as a part of their school curriculum. Indeed, some private schools have even moved to an "all-AP" curriculum to show-off their academic rigor.


Greater Impact - A Look Inside, Pt 3: Giving

Parents often ask me, "Why am I being asked for money?" I think every private, Christian school works hard to find the right way to convey the huge role that "giving" plays in its survival. The fact is that very few, if any, private, Christian schools are funded solely through tuition. Lutheran High School in 2015-2016 will hope to meet a goal of raising $600,000 through church support, annual fund, fundraisers, campaigns, and other various efforts. That accounts for 15% of our annual income. That is significant. We cannot operate without that level of generosity.


Greater Impact – A Look Inside LuHi

Recently, I had a conversation with a LuHi mom who asked me a question about our new teachers this year. She asked, "Why are the majority of your teachers from the same college?" She was referring to the fact that a lot of our teachers are graduates of a "Concordia." The Concordia University System has ten universities across the country from Irvine, California to Selma, Alabama.


Greater Impact – An Update

The Future of Lutheran High School

Phase 1 of Greater Impact continues to move forward! Funds are still being sought to be used for turf replacement and operating over the next 24 months and we are excited for the future plans for the athletic department. The plans to add lights and expand the seating for the football/lacrosse/soccer field have been submitted to the Town of Parker for approval. We are waiting for their response as it will dictate the time frame for how quickly those additions can happen. We praise God for those donors who have committed to seeing this part of the project become a reality.


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