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Top 10 Skills Learned in High School That Prepare You for Career Success

Even as students are going through high school and preparing for college, the employment landscape they will be entering years down the road is already shifting dramatically. New technologies are creating new careers practically on a daily basis. Trying to guess exactly what role a student will fill with their first employer or internship during their college years is a big unknown.


LuHi Families travel on EF Tour: Capitals of Scandinavia

Every other summer, LuHi Teacher Mrs Loptien leads an EF Tour for a group of LuHi students, parents, and staff members. EF Tours (https://www.eftours.com/) are educational tours meant to expand student horizons as they explore a different part of the globe from their own. Students are exposed to new cultures and old history resulting in an experience they won’t be soon to forget.


New course offerings for 2017-18 including the Business Academy

In pursuit of our mission to nurture academic excellence, Lutheran High School continues to improve and expand its curriculum and course offerings. The following courses have been added or updated for the 2017-18 school year.


Greater Impact: Why is Culture Important?

Yesterday, we heard from Alicia Oates, Dean of Women on the topic of culture. As a follow up, Principal David Ness dives into why culture is important in a high school setting in this one minute video. Culture impacts every decision made at LuHi and can be the difference between positive or negative staff and student relationships.

Did you miss Part 1: What is Culture? Watch it here. Then, don't forget to watch Part 3: How is LuHi's Culture Different with Mr Blomenberg.


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