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3 Considerations for Christian Ed

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Why Consider Christian Ed?

A Christian Education is valuable beyond small class sizes, opportunities for involvement, and personal relationships with teachers and coaches. The goal of many - if not all - Christian schools is to prepare students to continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus far beyond high school and be well equipped to explain and defend their faith. The importance of this faith preparation is valuable far beyond academic preparation for college and careers.

In this ebook, we present 3 points for consideration for families as to why a Christian school might be the right fit for their high school students.

Simply fill out the form on this page to download your copy of the ebook. If you have any questions about Lutheran High School in Parker, CO feel free to reach out to admissions@lhsparker.org

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“There have been days that I may have not been in the mood for things, but going to chapel three times a week, starting every day with prayer after pledges, and finding verses on encouraging sticky notes on my locker, in itself, assures me that I have a spiritual family at LuHi that I don’t get to have for only four years but that I’ll see again in heaven for eternity.” – Jacob Dillon, Class of 2018