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4 Methods to Create the Next Generation of Leaders

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Creating Leaders of the World

The idea of readying our students of today into leaders of tomorrow may seem abstract. In this ebook, we offer 4 methods to develop students into future leaders. Whether students will be leaders in a family, a workplace, or a community, it is essential we arm them with the skills and knowledge to serve.

We want our students to be positive influencers and make a greater impact on their world.

Just fill out the form on this page to download your copy of the ebook. If you have any questions about Lutheran High School in Parker, CO feel free to reach out to Hannah Buchholz, Director of Admissions (720-822-7981 or hannah.buchholz@lhsparker.org).


I&O - Ep18


“The lessons that [my teachers] have instilled in me have helped me come into college academically prepared, ready to serve, lead and love as I follow the example they have set for me.” – Kayla Murphy, Class of 2016