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RSVP: AMA with Executive Director

When: November 30, 202 at 6:30pm
Where: Lutheran High School
What: Ask Me Anything with our Executive Director, Dan Gehrke

Ask me anything!

Executive Director Dan Gehrke will facilitate a Q&A to help you decide if LuHi is the right fit for your student.

It's time to see if LuHi is the right fit for your student. If you have questions about Lutheran High, this is the event for you! Ask anything from:

  • How does Lutheran High encourage a student's growth in Christ?
  • What does college prep look like at Lutheran? How does tuition assistance work?
  • What sets LuHi apart from other high schools? How will my student fit in?
  • Why is it worth the tuition cost?
  • What's the student-teacher ratio?

No question is too big or small! RSVP today!