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At LuHi, our teachers give you the tools for academic success. Your hard work combined with your teacher’s dedication produces real results. Our goal is to help you discover your passions and develop necessary study and life skills. We are here to prepare you for the next step whether it’s college or a career.

Academics are a large part of the high school experience for a good reason. Math classes will teach the critical thinking skills you need to problem solve. During science labs, you will learn to make educated inferences. Literature classes are the ideal place to develop your vocabulary and communication skills. And electives allow you to establish hobbies into a potential career path. In short, the classroom is where you learn the skills you'll use the rest of your life.

Dual Credit College Classes

Students have the opportunity to take dual-credit online classes. We partner with Grand Canyon University and Concordia University - Wisconsin. These classes count for high school credit as well as earning college credit. The college credit is transferable to most all colleges and universities. Students may choose part of their school day to work on these classes. Taking college classes in high school instills a college-like responsibility with their coursework.

Through GCU, students may take a variety of classes for only $210 per class plus $85 digital course materials fee per course. They will earn 4 college credits per class. Classes include many basic General Ed classes like Accounting, Psychology, College Algebra, Economics, Criminal Justice, and more. Courses usually last 7-9 weeks, allowing students to take multiple classes per semester.

Our partnership with Concordia-Wisconsin, students may take advantage of a similar dual-credit program. Classes are $200 per credit, and our students have access to their online courses for only $50 per credit. CUW online classes include Sociology, Psychology, Accounting, Marketing, Computer Science, and more. Classes are 15 weeks long and follow the semester schedule of Concordia University.

A third option is to take classes through Colorado Christian University. Courses offered through CCU include AP Literature, AP Language, and US History. Classes from CCU are $200 per class and worth a total of 3 college credits. Registration is open until October 15th for fall semester classes and February 28th for spring semester classes.

Many students choose college courses over AP classes because

  • getting credit doesn't depend on passing a test
  • all colleges accept credits from other accredited universities which is not the case with AP classes
  • more and more colleges only allow a "5" on an AP class as a substitute for a college class
  • students are not guaranteed college credit

For more information about LuHi's dual-credit program, please contact Denise Noffze, the College Guidance Counselor.

AP Classes

Lutheran High School offers a handful of AP classes in math, English, and history. Some colleges still recognize AP classes for credit if students receive a high enough score on the AP subject test.

AP classes intend to mirror entry-level college courses. The goal is to give students an idea of pace and expectations of a college level class. LuHi's AP course list is:

  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC
  • AP Literature
  • AP Language
  • AP US History

Research has shown both pros and cons of the AP curriculum. Many high schools use the number of AP classes in their catalog to demonstrate academic rigor. Lutheran High chooses to challenge students in the classroom in different ways academically. To read more about our stance on AP classes, please read this blog post.

We have decided to remove AP classes from our science curriculum altogether. Science is an ever-changing field, so a quickly updated curriculum is essential. Course differentiation is more important to colleges than the number of AP classes on transcripts. LuHi offers 18 science courses - 8 of which are honors classes.

Only 6.9% of colleges listed Subject Test Scores (AP, IB) as considerable importance in their decision for a student for admission, according to the 2017 State of College Admissions report.

The Academies

One of the core reasons for creating The Academies is to offer a better option for students than AP Classes. An Academy provides a unique way for students show they went above and beyond the work of an average high school student.

The Academies is a unique curricular concept designed for students looking for academic rigor and an avenue to pursue their passions. Students personalize their Academy projects to fit their passions. They choose an area of focus attractive to them so they can dive in, learn, and get a head start on their future career. Upon completion of requirements, students earn an “endorsement” on their high school transcript.

Currently, we have 6 Academies students can choose from:

  • STEM
  • Music
  • Art
  • Business
  • Mission and Ministries
  • Lights

The Academies at LuHi

Honors Classes

Honors classes are an excellent option for students looking for an academic challenge without the expectation of college-level work. Honors classes at LuHi include:

  • Honors World History
  • Honors Macrobiology
  • Honors Microbiology
  • Honors General Chemistry
  • Honors Inorganic Chemistry
  • Honors Mechanics
  • Honors Electricity and Waves
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Astrophysics
  • Honors Algebra II/Trig
  • Honors Geometry
  • Honors Pre-Calculus
  • Honors Intro to Lit
  • Honors American Lit
  • Spanish IV
  • Spanish V
We grade Honors, Grad Plus, and AP classes on a 5.0 GPA scale. Weighted classes can help a student stand out on college applications.

Access Program

LuHi's Access Program is as a time to reinforce concepts taught in the classroom. The Program is open to students: - with a current IEP or 504 plan - who have participated in special programs (academic or emotional) at previous schools - or who have a recommendation from a teacher, counselor, or therapist.

The Access Program offers a small study hall class for students to complete tests and get extra help. LuHi honors student accommodations stated in IEP/504 plans in all classes. Some basic examples of accommodations include but are not limited to:

  • Additional 24-48 hours of extra time for assignments
  • Large projects broken into shorter steps with set deadlines for each part
  • Directions given both orally and written
  • Sample problems written on homework
  • Copies of notes to highlight, underline, fill in the blank, etc.
  • Extra time for tests and quizzes
  • Word bank for fill in the blank on tests Less choices on multiple choice sections

For a complete list of accommodations and to read more about the Access Program, click here. Please contact Denise Noffze, the College Guidance Counselor, with specific or additional questions.

Learn More about LuHi Academic Programs

LuHi offers AP/Honors tracks and Academy tracks as well as basic course tracks. To learn more, schedule a personal tour of LuHi today.

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