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4 New Classes Coming Next Fall, 3 New Summer Courses for 2024

We are excited to offer 4 new classes in the 2024-25 school year! Find course descriptions, prerequisites, and more under each header. Each of these courses offers unique opportunities for personal growth, academic exploration, and skill development. We are also continuing to offer summer courses for students looking to get ahead on classes required for graduation. Scroll to find the details about summer courses at the bottom of this post.

New Course Offerings for 2024-2025

  • Amazon Web Services Academy: Introduction to Cloud I
  • Amazon Web Services Academy: Introduction to Cloud II
  • Beginning American Sign Language
  • Concert Band


AWS Academy: Introduction to Cloud I & II

Prerequisites: Computer Science & Programming
For Grades: 10-12
Credits: 0.5 elective each (semester-long courses)

Cloud I: In this introductory course, students will explore AWS services and technologies and how they can support businesses across the globe. Students will also learn to build on the AWS Management Console, examine successful cloud implementations, and apply their knowledge to cloud-based scenarios.

Cloud II: Extending upon the concepts from AWS Academy Introduction to Cloud I, students will continue to explore cloud computing services, applications, and use cases. Students will dive deeper into cloud computing best practices and learn how the cloud helps users develop a global infrastructure at scale by leveraging innovative technologies.

Both of these courses prepare students for the test to earn the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification.

American Sign Language I

Prerequisites: None
For Grades: 9 - 12
Credits: 1 elective (year-long course)

This introductory course is designed to introduce students to American Sign Language (ASL) and fingerspelling as it is used within American Deaf culture. It is geared toward those who desire to understand and communicate within the Deaf community. Instruction includes preparation for visual/gestural communication followed by intensive work on comprehension skills. Students will learn a basic vocabulary of over 500 signs and will learn the basic grammatical structure of ASL.

Information concerning deafness and deaf culture will also be presented. Beginning American Sign Language is an enjoyable course, however, it requires a great deal of study time outside the classroom setting. Signs and ASL structure will be presented in class and will have to be practiced and memorized outside of class.

NOTE: Lutheran High School counts ASL units towards high school graduation; however, not all four-year colleges will accept ASL credits for their foreign language requirement. If taking ASL as a foreign language class, check with potential future four-year colleges to determine if ASL is accepted for Foreign Language credit. LuHi will not verify if a college will accept ASL for their Foreign Language requirement.

Introduction to Concert Band

Prerequisites: None
For Grades: 9-12
Credits: 1 elective (year-long course)

Introduction to Concert Band is open to students of all levels and does not have an audition. This ensemble focuses on instrumental technique and basic music theory while giving students the opportunity to learn new pieces of music and perform in concerts throughout the year. Introduction to Concert Band is a great place for experienced musicians and new musicians alike to develop their God-given talents.

In light of the introduction of Concert Band to our curriculum, Wind Ensemble will become an audition-based band class. This change reflects our commitment to fostering excellence and providing students with opportunities for growth in their musical pursuits. This change reflects our Performing Arts Department’s goal to provide classes for both new and experienced musicians.


New Summer Classes - Think 3x3x3

Summer classes run 3 hours a day for 3 days a week for 3 weeks from June 10-28th. The start times for classes will be announced closer to the end of the school year.

Last summer, we rolled out our Summer Course Program that included two classes: Men’s Health and Women’s Health.

This year, we are excited to add 2 additional classes: Public Speaking and World Geography.

Students will also have the option for Theology Credit Recovery if needed.

At Lutheran High School, our primary goal for summer classes is to provide students with the opportunity to get ahead on credits, thereby freeing up valuable time in their regular school day. We understand the importance of flexibility and efficiency in today's fast-paced academic environment. Our summer sessions are strategically designed to help students stay on track with their educational goals while accommodating their busy schedules.

By offering courses during the summer months, we aim to empower students to proactively manage their academic workload, allowing them to pursue extracurricular activities, explore personal interests, or simply achieve a better life balance.

Talk to your guidance counselor for more information or to learn how you can sign up for summer classes.

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