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Another area of LuHi that is experiencing tremendous growth is LuHi Missions. Bill Garner spearheads both LuHi Service and Missions. He shares, “The first year was one trip, the second year will be 7 trips. We estimate we’ll need 12-15 trips a year to reach the goals we believe God has put in front of us. We continue to stand in awe of God's power, as we have a front row seat to watch Him show up and work all things out.” The program’s goal is to continue to expand the program until every LuHi student who wants to attend a mission trip has the opportunity.

The Vision

LuHi Missions seeks to provide an opportunity for every student to be able to go on a mission trip during their four years of high school. We strive to take on a spirit of humility and learn how to put others before ourselves. Our goal is to advance the Kingdom of God through service-based evangelism.


Upcoming Trips (2024)

Puerto Rico, Spring Break

The Puerto Rico team is partnering with Youth for Christ. This team will be assisting with youth outreach events, helping with a backpack ministry, and doing some construction and cleanup. This trip is specifically designed for parents to serve alongside their students.

“I’ve been to the island to visit family. Now God has laid it on my heart to go back with a different purpose of helping those in need.” - Daniel Suchand, class of 2026

Gulf Coast Louisiana, Spring Break

The Gulf Coast team is partnering with Praying Pelican Missions and local churches of Grand Isle, Louisiana, to assist with continuing disaster relief. Portions of the island remain in varying degrees of ruin after recent storms. This is a repeat trip from last year.

“I’ve always had a sense of calling to a mission trip but was waiting for the right opportunity. That’s when LuHi Missions came along.” Lydia Hysell, class of 2025

Mexico, Holy Week

The Mexico team is venturing just across the border to Mexicali to serve in varying ministries throughout Holy Week. This team will lead multiple women’s and children's ministries and have a construction crew that will be busy building an addition to a church facility in the area.

“God calls us, God has called me, to help whoever is in need. I always leave feeling filled up, being the hands and feet of Jesus and seeing the impact Christ is doing.” - Maggie Oertli, class of 2024

Alaska #1, Summer

We have two Alaska trips planned. The first trip is partnering with Praying Pelicans Missions, which will be serving in a variety of ways in and around the Fairbanks area. They will assist local churches in community outreach through programs, clean-up, and construction.

“God is preparing me now for what I believe He is calling me to later.” - Kathryn Kimbriel, class of 2026

Alaska #2, Summer

The second Alaska trip is to a bit more remote location in Alaska, the village of St. Michael. This team will be running two different vacation bible schools in partnership with Lutheran Alaskan Missions for Christ, a local church, and other area missionaries.

Honduras, Summer

The Honduras team is the second of three international mission trips being offered this year. This is a smaller team of people that had the biggest budget to fundraise. This team is partnering with Dwellings Now in Roatan, Honduras. They will be building a house for a needy family on the island.

“I’ve seen firsthand the impact that can be made on both those being served and those doing the serving.” James Sandberg, class of 2025

Dominican Republic, Summer

The Dominican Republic trip is our final trip for this Missions season. This is a Spanish-speaking emphasis trip being led by teachers from the Lutheran HS Foreign Language department. This team will be shadowing Lutheran missionaries already on the ground in the area, learning from them and assisting them in their day-to-day activities.

“There’s so much good in the hard. You see God working so much when you’re there working with a team together” - Rebekah Saucerman, class of 2024

Donate to LuHi Missions

If you feel called to help these trips happen, we can use your donation! You can donate to the general Mission Trip fund by clicking on the button below. Look for the line item called 'Mission Trips.'

Or, if you have a specific trip or student you’d like to give to, please contact Bill.Garner@lhsparker.org, and he will get your donation to the right place.

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