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How LuHi’s Core Values Prepare Students to Flourish Beyond High School

Posted by Dan Gehrke on Nov 27, 2019 11:23:00 AM

Statistics prove that success beyond high school is more elusive than you might expect. 69.7% of high school graduates enroll in college, according to the Bureau of Labor’s most recent statistics. While that may seem high, statistics also show that 30% of students dropout of college their first year. Also, fewer students are choosing to attend a 4-year college. 

These choices can be determined by a number of factors, including family environment, high school academic achievement or challenges, religious faith, peer influence, and physical and mental health. LuHi’s three core values focus on creating a positive, nurturing school environment so that our students can thrive in college and in life beyond. 

We surround your students with highly talented teachers.

Our students are inspired by our teachers’ expertise, knowledge, classroom engagement and passion for their subjects. This fact alone carries many students into future careers and successes. 

But our teachers stand apart from many others not just because of academic knowledge or top-rated curriculum; our teachers care about mentoring students in vital skills including character development, job skill sets, prioritizing, coping with challenges, and resiliency. 

“We like to think of student success as not just the letter-grade, but developing that whole person,” says Principal David Ness. “Not just in terms of academics, but also faith, commitment to extracurricular activities, commitment to studies, and really seeing school as an opportunity to learn, grow, and be in a nurturing environment and prepare for the next phase, which is adulthood. A lot of times in our society today that’s a delayed process. But we like to train up students in such a way that they’re ready to tackle issues and solve problems, which begins with things like being punctual and on time and prepared. They should have the work ethic that says, ‘I’m ready for this day. I may not have all the answers, but I’m going to be all in with listening and being prepared and using resources like teachers around me to guide me and shape me and mold me.’” 

We provide a highly relational environment.

For students to succeed in life, they need to be given confidence in who they are not only individually, but also socially. From the moment a freshman enters the doors at LuHi, they are welcomed and affirmed for who they are as a unique member of God’s family. 

Faculty and staff are able to see and relate to each student personally. As a result, they can give students the important life skill of handling conflict with humility and forgiveness. “We are a Christ-centered culture where there’s an atmosphere of learning, nurturing, growth and faith and making sure our students are prepared for the next level,” says Principal David Ness. “Learning how to work through conflict and difficult situations is essential to our environment.”

The population size allows students to make friends across the school, not just within their small circles. They can participate in a wide array of clubs, activities, and classes that teach them how to interact with peers who are both similar and different. 

Families work hard together, but they also like to have fun together! There’s always something exciting happening around campus. Whether it’s going on the freshman and senior retreats, cheering on our Lions at a game, attending dances, participating in zany Homecoming and Christmas Spirit Weeks, seeing Theater and music productions, or having meaningful conversations at your locker, it’s easy to make life-long friendships and memories at LuHi. 

We are rooted in Holy Scripture.

A student’s success beyond high school begins with confidence in their identity. As a high school grounded in God’s Word and centered around a Biblical worldview, LuHi seeks to immerse students in Scripture so they are confident in their identity as a child of God. 

During their four years at LuHi, students attend chapel three times a week, experience a Theology course each year, can participate in Worship Class, devotions, prayer, and servant events locally and internationally, and are surrounded by a Christ-centered atmosphere of love and respect. 

Executive Director Dan Gehrke says that LuHi has a two-part mission: preparing believing Christians to be a light for their families and in the world, and secondly, to give God’s Word to unbelieving students so they can be transformed through the power of the Spirit and begin a new life in Christ. God’s Word taught in an encouraging environment leaves a deep, lasting change on each student, even if it means just planting a seed for the future. 

LuHi’s three core values create a culture that helps students form a solid foundation of confidence in their abilities and in their identity. No matter where God takes them on their journeys after graduation, we have faith that we have given them the tools they need to flourish in their personal and professional lives and make a Kingdom impact on the world.


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