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Plug into a highly relational environment

At Lutheran High School, over 90% of our student body gets involved in various extracurricular activities. We place a heavy emphasis on having a relational atmosphere. As a community of believers, it's great to see such a high level of involvement from our students.

Our list of clubs is always growing and changing with the interests of our students. Many of the clubs we offer started because a group of students expressed an interest in creating them. Encouraging student passions is vital to our culture.

We encourage students to pursue their passions by starting a club! If you have an idea for a club, please see Ms Quinlan. Below, find a list of our current clubs.

LuHi has given me countless opportunities to learn and grow, even beyond academics groups and different clubs. – Reno Knutson, class of 2020

BluHi Jazz Ensemble

Open to all instrumentalists whether they have jazz experience or not. Informal auditions will be held at the beginning of each semester. We learn jazz theory, chord reading, improvisation, jazz history, and do a lot of performing.
Meetings: Music Room, Fridays 3:05-4:05pm
Advisor: Mrs Andersen (Rachel.Andersen@lhsparker.org)

Chess Club

LuHi’s Chess Club is a fun and mild atmosphere for anyone who is interested to attend. Our club focuses on playing casual games with one another where you decide game conditions. Regardless of ability or talent, we encourage all who want to play to attend.
Meetings: Wednesdays 2:20-3:00, Room 138
Advisor: Ms Obermueller (Megan.Obermueller@lhsparker.org)

Chick-fil-a Leader Academy

We are a service organization, sponsored by the Parker Chick-fil-a. There is an application process but anyone can apply. Service projects are similar to those of the National Honor Society.
Meetings: Every other Thursday during AcLab
Advisor: Mrs Hollenbeck (Diane.Hollenbeck@lhsparker.org)

CrossPlay Theatre Troupe

Crossplay is a ministry theatre troupe which performs Christ-centered skits for chapels at LuHi and our Association grade schools. Crossplay also performs for various church/community groups throughout the year and leads the summer middle school theatre camp. CrossPlay requires improv, quick memorization, creative play writing, etc. Their mission is to spread God’s Word and minister to the community. Auditions are required.
Meetings: Vary based on events
Advisor: Ms Lietzau (Jillian.Lietzau@lhsparker.org)


Part of a nation-wide initiative to educate young adults on the importance of Cyber Security, and teach them how to defend technology from a wide range of cyber threats.
Meetings: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 7pm via Zoom (Please email Mrs Eloe to request the link to the bi-weekly meetings.)
Advisor: Mrs Eloe (Katie.Eloe@lhsparker.org)
Team Mentor: Mr Sydow

Game Development

Learn and create video games as a group.
Meetings: Wednesdays 5:30pm via Zoom
Student Leader: Mckenna Steenbock

Interact (Student Rotary)

This club is for students who have a heart for service and want to go above and beyond the school requirements. Interact is different from NHS because students do not have to have a specific GPA or letter of recommendation to participate. The club is also nationally known and is a great connection to Rotary Club once they are out of high school.
Meeting times vary.
Advisor: Mrs Rogness (Savanna.Rogness@lhsparker.org)

Lions for Life

We exist to educate and bring awareness about life issues, service in the community, and fundraising for life-affirming organizations. We attend the National March for Life in Washington, D.C. every January.
Meeting times: Thursdays 7:45-8:10am (Room 137)
Advisor: Mr Vanderhyde (Daniel.Vanderhyde@lhsparker.org)

National Honor Society

NHS is a service organization that believes the leaders of the school are obligated to use their strengths to serve the school and community. Sophomores and juniors with a grade point average of 3.75 or above may request an application; additionally, freshmen who were a member of the National Junior Honor Society may apply. Applications are offered during the month of January with completed applications being collected mid-March. Students accepted into the National Honor Society must complete an additional 20 service hours, serving in the school or community.
Meeting times: Every other Tuesday during AcLab (7:25-7:55) in the Gym
Advisor: Mrs Hollenbeck (Diane.Hollenbeck@lhsparker.org) and Mr Renquest (David.Renquest@lhsparker.org)

Ping Pong Club

Ping Pong Club is a time for students to improve their skills and have fun by participating in ping pong open play or ping pong tournaments.
Meeting times vary.
Advisor: Mrs Stith (Kaylee.Stith@lhsparker.org)


Robotics is a great way to grow in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills, and gives students the opportunity to work as part of a team. Collaboration, hands-on application, and teamwork play an essential part of what we do throughout the season and competitions.
Meeting times: 5-8 PM Mondays & Thursdays, occasional Saturday meetings and Tournaments on Saturdays (November-February) Season runs May-March, team can be joined in March-April
Advisor: Mr Rodefeld (Robotics@lhsparker.org)

Student Council

A select group of students (approximately 4% of the student body) who seek to represent LuHi through specific contributions to student life and culture. They plan and lead Homecoming Week, Sadies Week, Christmas Spirit Week, and Seasonal Pep Rallies. They also oversee the Talent Show, Senior Sunrise and Sunset, and the End of the Year Yearbook celebration. Applications are due by May 1st of the previous school year.
Meeting times: Thursdays during AcLab 7:35-8:00
Advisor: Miss Quinlan (Jennifer.Quinlan@lhspaker.org)


Thrive is for any student that would like to grow in their relationship with God and other students in a positive and encouraging environment. We will do this through monthly events and connecting students through small groups.
Meeting times vary throughout the year.
Advisor: Mrs Kidston (Alicia.Kidston@lhsparker.org), Mr Kohlwey (Martin.Kohlwey@lhsparker.org), Mrs Loesel (Emma.Loesel@lhsparker.org), and Ms Obermueller (Megan.Obermueller@lhsparker.org)

Writing Club

We do creative exercises, give feedback on works in progress, and prepare submissions for different writing competitions.
Meetings times: Every other Thursday 7:25-7:55 AM (Room 139)
Advisors: Mrs Hollenbeck (Diane.Hollenbeck@lhsparker.org)


Students have an opportunity to contribute to the school yearbook by interviewing students, writing copy, taking pictures, and designing yearbook pages throughout the school year. Individual assignments and occasional group meetings
Meeting times vary.
Advisor: Mr Zoeller (Matthew.Zoeller@lhsparker.org) & Mrs Stith (Kaylee.Stith@lhsparker.org)