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henry-academyHere at Lutheran High, we are a Parker private high school committed to our students’ success. For our administration, teachers, and staff, that success encompasses more than academics. We proudly promote our robust curriculum and supportive environment.

We know that parents and students consider many factors when researching private high schools in Parker. To help you make the best choice, here is a glimpse at LuHi student life.

Life at LuHi: A Parker Private High School

“Surviving high school” is the exact opposite of the culture we nurture here at Lutheran High. Rather, we strive to provide a caring, nurturing environment that prepares students for life outside of our Parker private high school campus.

Following are just some of the highlights of life at our committed, caring Parker private high school:


Strong academics are not the only part of life at our Parker private high school, but they are absolutely a priority for LuHi students. While we have a robust and rigorous academic curriculum, we also understand that each student takes his or her own private academic journey.

LuHi faculty helps nurture individual student strengths and overcome any weaknesses. We want to support excellence from our students so that they achieve their highest levels of success during their college and university studies. To help them achieve their best, LuHi offers a robust selection of AP and college-level courses. These courses prepare students for post-secondary studies by literally enrolling them in college-level coursework, all while enrolled in our Parker private high school.

We also proudly offer our Academies, which allows LuHi students to craft their own curricula around specific interests and passions.

For LuHi students, the sky’s the limit! It is our job to guide them on their journeys and prepare them to succeed.


Nurturing student’s interest in and appreciation for the arts is a core priority at this Parker private high school. Our arts program includes the following:

  • Instrumental groups
  • Vocal groups
  • Art shows
  • Theater performances
  • Trips to local art exhibitions
  • Even 3D printers to inspire creativity!

Our activities centered around the arts inspire and challenge students, surprise, delight and engage them while preparing them for life beyond our Parker private high school.


Many of the clubs at LuHi started as student ideas, service projects, and leadership initiatives. We create an environment where students feel comfortable and confident approaching us with their ideas.


LuHi has 14 varsity-level sports teams, and a 90% participation rate among students. The athletics component of our Parker private high school is one that includes and is embraced by a vast majority of our student population.

We also proudly support several sports teams that compete at the playoff level. Our students understand the work ethic and dedication needed to perform at the highest level of competition.

For those Parker private high school students who wish to continue their athletic journeys after life at LuHi, there is a great deal of opportunity. We currently have dozens of students playing collegiate-level sports.

For students whose long-term plans may not include athletics, their participation in LuHi athletics helps develop their teamwork and collaboration skills. Participation in athletics in our Parker private high school prepares students to succeed academically and in life.

We are proud to be the leading Parker Private High School

In every corner of our campus, you’ll find a team member who is passionately committed to preparing our students for life after their days at our Parker private high school, while simultaneously creating a memorable and positive experience while within our walls.

To learn more about life at LuHi and tour our Parker private school, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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