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At LuHi, we encourage families to find a school that aligns with the values taught at home. Partnership to reinforce family values can be a variety of things in day-to-day school life:

  • Speaking truth to students' lives
  • Meeting students where they are at in their faith walk
  • Listening to students' personal stories
  • Pointing students to the Bible as a basis of truth
  • Building a safe, personal relationship with them

Part of Lutheran High School's mission is to encourage growth in Christ. The benefit of this mission is twofold for your student: it gives students the tools to be lifelong Christians and provides them with lifelong mentors to deliver advice that matches their own.

Consider the number of messages an average teenage takes in daily:

Besides ads, students hear messages about where their worth lies and who they should be. These messages come from TV shows, news stories, and social posts. And, they are designed to convince people their identity is found in all sorts of different places - many of which parents don't view as a priority. With that constant barrage working on your child's identity, it can lead to parents wanting their high school student "just to survive high school."

We think you can do better than that.

We want your student to thrive. We want them to know who they are (and, as Dan mentioned in the video, who's they are). We want them to seek and know Truth.

If this resonates with you, your student might be a good fit for LuHi.


Who attends LuHi?

Christian Kids

The breakdown of Christian denominations of students at LuHi is:

  • 62% Christian and Non-Denominational
  • 12% Catholic
  • 12% Lutheran (LCMS, ELCA, and WELS)
  • 11% various other denominations such as Presbyterian, Baptist, and Methodist
  • 3% Non-Christians

Theology teacher Caleb Fisher shares, "Having peers from different denominations gives LuHi students a broader perspective of the body of Christ, in both its unity and diversity. It also gives students the opportunity to have their beliefs challenged in a safe environment. This is important as students go out into the world after graduation and have their faith challenged in bigger ways."

Each year, LuHi students take a theology course. Freshmen students start with Old Testament. Sophomores take New Testament. Juniors study apologetics and world religions. Seniors discuss different worldviews they will encounter in college and learn how to continue their faith walk after leaving home.

We gather together as a student body for Chapel three times a week. That's 105 minutes weekly to reflect on God's word, worship His name, and remember the Good News of our salvation.

Our goal with our mission is to prepare students to be lifelong Christians. We want to empower students to make a significant impact in the Kingdom for His glory.

Kids Seeking Truth

Lutheran High School is an environment for kids seeking truth and looking for the answers to life's big questions:

  • Who am I?
  • How did I get here?
  • What is my purpose?

With a consistent presentation of the Christian worldview, we allow students to seek, question, and challenge. We desire for them to know "why they believe" alongside "what they believe." We also know that Lutheran High School may be the first place a student really hears the Gospel and can dig into what that means for them.

Senior Theology teacher Craig Parrott shares, "The immediate benefit of having students seeking God in a theology classroom is they ask honest questions and need honest answers. Rather than give a personal opinion or worldly perspectives, I am blessed to be able to share God's very Word of grace and truth. Faith comes from hearing that Word, and there is nothing more joyous than seeing someone come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior."


Encouraging Growth in Christ

Students need to know their teachers care about them as a whole so they can thrive in high school. I remind families to look for a school that will:

  • challenge their students in the classroom
  • guide them in their faith
  • and provide the right amount of emotional support.

The tools students receive in high school carry them into adulthood. Surround your student with adults who will reinforce what you teach at home. Find a school that will support raising your kids that can make a greater impact on their communities. Choose a high school that will allow them to thrive, not just survive.

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Originally published in 2018, updated in 2022.

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