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Christian Education

Why a Christian Worldview Matters
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Worldview Matters

Who am I? Why am I here? Is there hope? Is there truth? Answering these four questions with a Christian worldview is foundational for our students to be ready for the rest of their lives.

Why Choose Christian Ed?

The goal of many - if not all - Christian schools is to prepare students to continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus far beyond high school and be well equipped to explain and defend their faith. The importance of faith preparation is valuable far beyond academic preparation for college and careers.

Download our ebook talking through 3 points of why you should consider a Christian school.

3 Reasons for Christian Ed

Foundation Matters

Current LuHi mom, Mrs Luplow, shares her daughter's faith walk story. Confidence is deeply rooted in a foundation of knowing who you are, that you are cared for, and that adults have spent time investing in you before leaving home to attend college.

God has a hand in everything within Lutheran. You can see it in the teachers, in the environment, and in the culture - it is so present. – Chase Campbell, Class of 2019


Chapel is a time for our staff and students to gather together as a community to worship our Lord. We meet as a full student body 3 times a week. This space is important for us to refocus on what really matters: we are beloved children of God saved by Jesus' death and resurrection.

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Theology Classes

Students take one year of Theology each year of high school:

– Freshmen: Old Testament
– Sophomores: New Testament
– Juniors: Study of World Religion, Apologetics
– Seniors: Theology IV - focused on identity in Christ, studying world-views, and preparation for life as a Christian after graduation

Students can also participate in Worship Class if they are interested in leading Chapels. To learn more about the Theology Curriculum, click here.

"Here, at Lutheran, your teachers push you to develop your own relationship with God. They are all so passionate about sharing God’s love and that truly has changed my life and it’s my favorite thing about LuHi.” – Gabrielle Moseley, Class of 2018