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When Todd and Erin’s son Traeton prepared to graduate middle school in 2016, he didn’t know where he wanted to go to high school. He visited eleven different schools and was still indecisive. That’s when his middle school principal said Traeton needed to attend Parker Lutheran. The Burmeister family had heard about Denver Lutheran, not about Parker, but when they visited they knew God was leading them there. They were immediately impressed with the leadership, the small size, the family-like culture, and the personal relationships that the teachers have with the students.

Traeton graduated in 2020, and looking back at his four years, mom Erin says that Traeton lived life to the fullest at LuHi, plugging into a variety of activities including soccer, musical theatre, Jubilate, robotics, and STEM academy. “He absolutely grew up and thrived and blossomed at LuHi, and it was one of the best gifts in his life,” says Erin. “I attribute that to the teachers and staff and culture of the school. He was fully prepared for college with every skill and tool he needed to step into his next stage of life.”


Now that the Burmeisters have senior daughter Addison and freshman son Elias at LuHi, they’ve appreciated the fact that LuHi is able to meet a vast array of academic needs. While Traeton pursued his unique passions, senior daughter Addison has others. “Our senior is involved in completely different things, yet she’s able to find her own place there. [LuHi] has diverse opportunities including honors and AP classes and student council, and she is thriving in those areas.” The Burmeister's have been thankful for the expert help of guidance counselors Denise Noffze and Corrie Johnson who have worked hard to customize the perfect class plans for the kids.

In addition, the family has seen a rare quality in LuHi that many schools don’t have: students can easily be themselves and pursue multiple interests, and they don’t have to fear being ridiculed if they move between certain groups of kids or clubs or activities. “One of the things I love is that if you’re an athlete, awesome. If you’re into theater and music, awesome. There’s no pigeon holing at LuHi,” says Erin.

One of the greatest strengths of LuHi is their deeply held family values. LuHi is dedicated to the education and health of the whole student, and they uphold God’s purpose and design for families. The Burmeister's have benefitted from the intentional efforts of the staff to form a strong parent community at LuHi, such as Thriving Parents, led by Theology teacher Marty Kohlwey. Thriving Parents is a monthly gathering for parents to connect, share resources, and discuss issues relevant to their teens. The kids can be part of Thriving Students, which relies on student leadership when they meet for games, discussions, peer mentorship opportunities and Bible studies. LuHi has always welcomed parental involvement, even during the pandemic, such as with LPA (LuHi’s parent association), weekly prayer meetings, events, sports booster teams, locker tags, and more.

Erin has many favorite memories from LuHi, including chapels (which parents can attend) and the spectacular musicals. But the one memory that stands out for her is Traeton’s graduation during the height of the pandemic. When most schools were canceling their ceremonies or holding them virtually, LuHi’s leadership did not withhold this well-deserved rite of passage for their seniors. They held it on the football field and employed creative problem-solving strategies to ensure a safe experience for everyone.

Their commitment demonstrates one of the enduring qualities of LuHi’s culture and leadership. When it’s easier to quit, this school perseveres through the challenge and fights for their students–even for the students who don’t attend LuHi yet. While other schools’ tuition rates are increasing quickly, the administration works hard to keep tuition rates reasonable and offer scholarships so that kids who want to be at LuHi can be. As a result, LuHi can impact students from all backgrounds with exemplary education founded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Burmeister's have witnessed firsthand that LuHi teachers pour into their students; it is a school that prioritizes ministry over materialism. “LuHi is an oasis,” says Erin appreciatively. “The growth and the maturity that my children have gone through emotionally, spiritually, and academically, and the doctrine and what they’re teaching the kids, is spot on. They are all about the love of Christ. So much of Lutheran is priceless. It is a gift.”

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