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Lutheran High has been blessed with fantastic teachers and staff members over the years. And when alumni come back to work on campus - well that makes it even more special. Currently, we have 15 LuHi alumni on staff. Their positions range from teacher to IT to admin assistants. Let’s meet a few of these alums!


  • Jillian Lietzau: Denver Lutheran class of 1995, Registrar since 2008
  • Brooke (Crandall) Davis: Denver Lutheran class of 2001, Social Studies Teacher for 17 years
  • Diane (Werner) Hollenbeck: Denver Lutheran class of 1981, English Teacher for 15+ years and worked at both the DLHS and Parker Campuses
  • Anne (Fort) Gonglach: Lutheran High class of 2020, Administrative Assistant to the Principal for 1 year
  • Taylor James: Lutheran High class of 2016, Admissions for 3 years
  • Megan (Cattau) Reimnitz (not pictured): Denver Lutheran class of 2002, CNA Teacher for 5 years
  • Miro Marriott (not pictured): Lutheran High class of 2016, Admissions for 4 years

What’s a favorite memory from your high school years?

Ms. James: Being part of two championship basketball teams was pretty special. I loved managing the girls' basketball team and seeing them win State in 2014 and 2016 (in 2A and 3A!) was something I will never forget. When I think of high school, I mostly think of basketball, so these were great memories. I also have so many memories of hanging out with my classmates at our lockers. That may seem mundane, but it's special to spend a lot of time with a smaller group of people, get to know them well, and get to spend time together in a really special place.

Mrs. Gonglach: My junior year of high school, my tennis doubles partner and I won regionals. We had to come back from behind, which was an amazing feeling, and now memory. But, the team, coaches, and relationships I made were lasting not just in tennis but with so many people. All the collective memories are my favorite.

Ms. Lietzau: Theatre in the cafeteria. What a crazy and wonderful experience. We learned how to do a lot with a little, get super creative, and become a jack of all trades when it came to theatre. Not to mention all the great cast parties celebrating as a family after each successful show. I'm still friends with many of them today.

Mrs. Reimnitz: My favorite memories come from playing sports throughout my four years at Lutheran. Competing in the 3A Metro League with crowds cheering us on, having long-standing rivals with other teams, and having coaches who invested in us as people, as well as athletes, made it special.

How did LuHi prepare you for your future?

Mrs. Davis: The teachers gave me the confidence to enter a bigger public university both academically and spiritually. I didn’t feel behind when I started classes, and with how much my faith grew in high school, I knew I needed to find a church and get connected right away.

Ms. Marriott: LuHi set me up so well for college! I was able to get my bachelor's in 3 years because of the encouragement from Denise Noffze to take online and dual enrollment courses. I felt comfortable going to college knowing what I wanted to study. LuHi helped me build study and work habits that set me on a path to success.

Mrs. Reimnitz: LuHi prepared me academically in such an impactful way. I graduated with 12 college credits already completed, which made it so that I could graduate in 4 years without ever taking a January term. I also felt like Lutheran High planted a good foundation for study habits and taught me how to learn. So, the transition to college wasn’t a huge stretch and went smoothly for me.

Mrs. Gonglach: LuHi prepared me well for college and the future. The Theology classes were wonderful, and the topics addressed were things I also learned in college. This gave me a leg up since I had already been introduced to the material. Not only did I gain many skills needed for further schooling, but I also had a Christian foundation that prepared me for life.

What LuHi teachers or staff who made a lasting impact in your life?

Ms. Lietzau: Mr. Parrott for his wonderful Theology class and passion for Christ. Mr. Von Rentzell for getting me into theatre. Miro Marriott: The teacher who made the biggest impact was Troy Stelling. Going to his class sophomore year always made my day better. I remember whenever I had a bad day going to Theology 2 always made me leave with a smile. I also remember crying at graduation when I had to say goodbye to Mr. Stelling.

Mrs. Hollenbeck: My typing teacher Eva Russ was wonderful! She had such an interesting life, and she was fun to talk to. I also really liked my junior theology teacher Pastor Boettcher because he assigned a challenging paper, the same type of paper that I had to write during my second year of college. Because of Pastor Boettcher, I was thoroughly prepared to write for my Interpretation of Scriptures class.

Ms. James: I had so many teachers that impacted me, but I'll say it time and time again: Mark Duitsman had the biggest impact on my life, personally and spiritually, as well as my education. The way he invested in me and believed in me set me up for success. He did this by giving me leadership opportunities, taking intentional time to get to know me, challenging me, and mentoring me through many life moments. I'm not sure how I would have gotten through my senior year without his guidance, nor how I would have survived my freshman year of college without his encouragement. It's so reassuring always to know there is someone who has known me through the most transformational periods of my life and is in my corner and cheering me on. And to still have a relationship is such a blessing.

Mrs. Davis: Mr. Parrott. When I tore my ACL my senior year and my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, he supported me and ensured I was okay even after graduation. He would meet with me after school, pray with me, and come alongside me when I faced a lot of hard challenges.

What brought you back to LuHi?

Mrs. Davis: I loved my time at Denver and wanted to give back like my teachers did for me. I also had an opportunity to coach soccer and was excited to be a part of this program again.

Mrs. Reimnitz: What brought me back was the community. Being involved and part of this community is hard to explain to others who have not experienced it. But it is a place where you are part of something bigger than yourself. Having the privilege of getting to impact students the way my teachers at one point impacted me is an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

Mrs. Hollenbeck: I love looking at literature through a Biblical lens and discussing the stories with students. Plus, it is a joy to work with former students. I found out last week that I will have a student whose parents I taught at Denver Lutheran. I think that is fun.

What is one thing you love about working here?

Mrs. Gonglach: While I thought it might be hard to manage the relationship shift from student to colleague, I have loved my relationships and am thankful for the people I work with!

Ms. Lietzau: The people and the ministry. In today's world, it's amazing to work in a place where we can share our faith and minister to one another and the community. And my day would only be complete with my theatre students putting a smile on my face every day. Seeing how hard they work, how much they are dedicated to perfecting their craft, and always wanting to do better is wonderful. I challenge them, and sometimes they even challenge me.

Mrs. Davis: I love watching the students grow in their faith and make a difference in this school and community. I also love the friendships I have developed with my colleagues.

What is some advice you have for today’s high schoolers?

Ms. Marriott: My advice to high schoolers is to allow yourself to be who you are. Explore things that sound interesting because you never know when a new hobby, passion, or pursuit might find you when you take a leap of faith.

Mrs. Hollenbeck: I would advise students today to embrace the process. Everything worth knowing involves a process, and every process encourages growth.

Ms. James: My biggest piece of advice is something that took me a long time to learn and something I have to remind myself of almost every day: Your life will not look like anyone else's, and it's not supposed to. As cliche as it is, comparison really is the thief of joy. Your seasons in life will look so different than those you follow on Instagram, and you have to find peace knowing your experiences will come at some point. I believe the greatest things in life take the most time. Don't let other people's highlight reels discourage you as you find your own life.

Ms. Lietzau: The world can be tough and scary sometimes, and things won't always be easy. Stay strong in your faith, and seek guidance from scripture, from your family, and your friends. Know that God's always got you, look to Him for guidance, and he will lead you through. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Mrs. Davis: It is okay to fall and make mistakes, but how you get up and respond is more important. Keep that in mind when things get tough or challenges arise.

Other LuHi staff members who graduated from the Denver or Parker campuses are Matthew Rodefeld, Jennifer Quinlan, Noah Schilling, Emily Saulnier, Kristen Howe, Derek Hizer, Kelsey Bockelman, and Dave Hiltman.