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Tuition payments can be one of the biggest turnoffs when applying to a private high school. Why pay for high school when so many free options exist? The reality is that free Christian secondary education - especially one that values a highly relational environment and talented teachers (like Lutheran High School) - doesn’t exist.

You may not realize that one of the deeper values at Lutheran High is that we do everything in our power to make high school affordable for families who value and desire Christian education.

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Is a Lutheran High Education worth the investment?

Several things set us apart from other high schools - both private and public. A Lutheran High School education provides value.

As parents, you know that your investment in who educates your children is critical in their development. Value exists in surrounding your kids with people who share your worldview, care for your children, and are talented enough to nurture the abilities that God has given them.

Lutheran High’s culture is unique - students can’t fly under the radar here. Teachers will know their names, their learning styles, and how to help them improve. Moreover, they want their students to succeed now and in the future.

Combined with daily encouragement in their faith, we believe that our graduates will reflect on their time at Lutheran High School as a critical step in their development.

"LuHi has helped me to grow in my faith by surrounding me with a group of people who encourage my walk in Christ. The staff has helped me to live my life according to God's plan, and have shown me that it isn't about me. Rather, its about what God has in store for my life. LuHi is a family and community of people who want to encourage you and build you up as a person. They want to see you succeed and help you in any way they can."
— Christopher Wong, 2023 LuHi Grad

A financial investment in your child’s future

At the same time, it is highly likely that paying tuition at Lutheran High School can actually save you tuition dollars in the long run. In 2021 LuHi Grads were offered $11,358,700 in college scholarships over four years. This averaged out to be over $82,300 per student.

While the value of a Lutheran High School education is much more than just scholarship value at the next level of education, it is good to know that many families will see a quantitative financial return on their high school investment.

Can my family afford Lutheran High School?

Not every student pays full price to go to Lutheran High School. Generally speaking, about 60% of the LuHi student body receives some level of tuition assistance.


The process we use to determine a level of assistance for families is similar to the college financial aid process. The only factor that determines what a family pays to go to Lutheran High School is financial need based on a summary of a family's financial situation that is provided through FACTS.

Based on the FACTS report and often honest conversation, we are almost always able to find a fair monthly tuition amount that may stretch, but generally matches the means of the family. Conversations with families to explain special circumstances or needs not reflected in their tax information are welcomed and encouraged. It is then rare that cost would keep an interested family from attending Lutheran High School.

FACTS applications open up early in September each year. Eighth-grade families are welcome to start the tuition assistance process even before applying for school admission. Incoming families will know their tuition assistance amount before it’s time for them to make a final choice for high school. We understand that tuition costs will play a role in your high school decision.

Your resource through the Admissions Process

As you begin the process of applying for tuition assistance as well as applying for acceptance, feel free to contact our Admissions Team (admissions@lhsparker.org) with questions.

We never want the cost of tuition to be the reason a student doesn’t get a Christian education. At LuHi, the relationships built in and outside of the classroom along with the quality of our teachers create an atmosphere where academic excellence is nurtured and growth in Christ is encouraged.

"All of the courses I selected for my first semester at Clemson are advanced courses and I feel that I am already ahead of my classmates. I feel comfortable, even knowledgeable in the material we are learning and because of that I can even help others in my class with their work. All of my [LuHi] teachers had a clear expectation of their students giving their God-given best. I left high school feeling prepared for college, but I now know that time at Lutheran gave me all of the tools I need to be successful here if I use them. I continue to feel encouraged from my time at Lutheran because even though I graduated, I know you are all still cheering me on and want me to succeed."
— Rebekah Palmer, 2022 LuHi Grad

Updated in 2023 for accuracy.

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