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The Advantage of Size in the High School Experience

How do you choose a high school? There are so many factors that play into this decision it can seem overwhelming. In today’s post we’re talking about one important, and sometimes underrated, component you need to consider: size.

We often hear parents say that bigger schools have better opportunities; better arts and athletic programs; a wider range of extracurricular activities; a better ability to draw teachers; a better pool of peers for friendships. But at LuHi, we don’t believe that bigger automatically means better. In fact, the quality of our teachers, academic opportunities and family culture has proved that’s not the case.

The first question we have to answer is what constitutes academic success? In order to have an effective academic product; administrators, teachers, parents, and students all contribute to the equation.


Student Jonathan Jafee shares 3 reasons he loves LuHi

At LuHi, we are blessed with an amazing student body and an all-around supportive community. We love it when our students are all in, contribute to the LuHi culture, and make our school a better place! Jonathan Jaffee is one of those students and that's why we're excited to share his words about his time and experience so far at Lutheran. We'll let him take it from here:


Prospective Families: Admissions Events Coming Up!

Have you given serious thought to your child's high school education yet? If they are in middle school, now is the time! Students spend four very formative years with their teachers and classmates, so you should allow plenty of time to make the decision that's right for your family.


Infographic: What factors matter for college acceptance?

Factors that play into admission decisions for colleges are discussed in detail in the 2019 State of College Admissions report. Chapter 3 of this document looks at various variables that go into a high school senior's application, ranging from GPA to extracurricular activities, and the weight each variable has on the college admissions decision.


Is a Private High School Right For My Kid?

This is an important and complicated question for parents to ask today. As you have probably discovered, choosing a school for your child is not just determined by academics and finances. The decision is also dependent on your child’s personality, skills, and activities as well as your family’s needs. The below questions will help you determine if a private school is right for your kid.


What is the Purpose of Education?

We live in a day and age with options, and the same goes for schools. From private to public to Christian to charter to homeschooling, parents and students have serious decisions to make from the moment a child enters preschool. Sometimes it can help to boil it down to the most basic question, so in today’s blog we’re looking at just that: what is the purpose of education?


Why I Chose LuHi for High School

Choosing a high school can be a daunting task, and every student and family has different criteria they’re looking for in academics, teachers, student life, and extracurricular activities. We interviewed a few of LuHi’s dedicated students to find out how they chose to be a Lion, and if their expectations for a great school have been met in LuHi.


Welcome to High School! ...Now What? How to Transition Into High School

You are no longer a middle schooler (or are the parent of a freshly minted...um...freshman). Congratulations! You should definitely be proud of yourself. It’s taken a while to get here, and now there’s four more years looming large ahead of you. It’s a bigger, broader experience waiting for students in high school, with challenges both old and new. Just switching over from middle school to high school expectations and performance standards can be a big shift. 


8th Graders: Here’s How You Can Prepare for High School This Summer

High school is just around the corner. One more summer, and 8th graders will see a big transition in their educational journey, becoming freshmen as they graduate from middle school. Are your 8th-grade students excited for this change? Nervous? Apathetic? 


Playing Educational Detective - Top 10 Questions to Ask a Private School

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could do enough research to guarantee that your student will have the perfect educational fit and excel at a private school you’re enrolling them in? The reality is, despite every precaution and preparation, it’s tough to find a private school that will hit 100% with your student in every single area of life and educational goals.


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