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“The lessons that my teachers have instilled in me helped me come into college academically prepared, ready to serve, lead and love as I follow the example they have set for me." – Kayla Murphy

academics2-405263-edited.jpgHigh school is a stepping stone to college for the majority of American students. Part of the value of a high school is not just helping students get into the college of their choice, but also making sure they have the skills to succeed once they are there.

At LuHi, these are the three most important things we do to make sure our kids are ready for the next level:

  1. Give a realistic example of what a college course load entails and prep them to handle it daily: Course load, homework load, and stress level can vary depending on what major a student decides to pursue. No matter what program our students choose, they can be sure that the four years of high school prior to walking into their first college class gave them a strong example of what to expect.

    College course loads brings pressure, homework that requires problem solving, and time management skills - all things that a high school student should be able to handle as second nature by the time they graduate. 

    Whether a LuHi student is taking AP/honors classes or not, they will get a taste of how college classes are laid out. We also offer a dual credit program through Colorado Christian University that is taught in a classroom setting. Other dual credit options offered at Lutheran High School are online Concordia University Wisconsin and Grand Canyon University classes so students can graduate with several college credits to put them ahead of the game.

  2. Our classes are more challenging than an average high school class: Our teachers are meticulous about the curriculum they plan. They know what normal expectations for knowledge and understanding is for high school students and they want each of their students to walk into the halls of their university exceeding that expectation. The feedback from our alumni proves our classes are truly college-prep approved.

    As an example, LuHi graduates who have gone into a STEM field come back and explain how they feel light years ahead of their classmates because they were taught how to write well not only in English classes but in science classes as well. It was not a skill they were expecting to have to use so often (research papers, lab write-ups, etc), but their professors are pleased with their ability levels.

  3. We make every effort to get a student into the college of their choice with scholarships in tow: Nearly every high school in Colorado offers AP classes. A handful of AP classes on a transcript will not be the differentiator in a student getting into the college and program of their dreams. Instead, colleges want to see strong ACT/SAT scores, a well-rounded student who can take upper level classes but are still actively involved in bettering their community, and are able to write an essay with their unique personality shining through.

    Our ACT/SAT prep for each student includes 18 hours of test prep from College Drive, a practice ACT and the PSAT both freshmen and sophomore years, and resources to help students boost scores.

    Our Guidance Counselor keeps in close communication with colleges about what they expect from applicants. She then passes that information on to families and our college advisors so our students get the most up to date information and put forth their best application.

    Besides a Guidance Counselor, LuHi teachers act as “college advisors” for upperclassmen. Each college advisor has a group of about ten students to walk with their last two years of high school helping them get recommendation letters, find and apply to a large variety of scholarships, and talk them through narrowing down college options. This is just another way we don’t let a student fall through the cracks.

Applying, narrowing down, and picking the right college can feel like a full time job. When a student is more than adequately prepared, doors of opportunity fly open. We’re there to guide students, help them get scholarship money, walk alongside parents, and make sure they can thrive in a college setting just like they were able to thrive at Lutheran High School.

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Questions about college prep at LuHi? Reach out to Denise Noffze, LuHi Guidance Counselor.

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