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Meet the new LuHi Head Baseball Coach, Scott Hormann

Scott Hormann has a long love of baseball. Although he loves a lot of sports and even played football in college, baseball is his first love. Besides joining the LuHi coaching staff as our new head baseball coach, he is also the Director for USA Prime Colorado Baseball and I am a co-owner of the Khaos Clubhouse indoor hitting facility in Littleton.


Meet the new LuHi Girls Soccer Coach, Ashleigh Fitterer

We are excited to have Ashleigh Fitterer as our new Head Girls Soccer Coach! Ashleigh has already been a part of the LuHi Girls Soccer Program for the past 4 years as an assistant coach. Ashleigh graduated from the University of Louisiana at Monroe, where she played D1 soccer for her whole college career. After college, she played for a semi-pro team until she experienced a career-ending knee injury. She has been coaching local club and high school teams since her junior year in college.


Meet the new LuHi Girls Basketball Coach, Josh Schneider

As Coach Mark Duitsman moves on to a new role in Arizona, Lutheran High is excited to announce Coach Josh Schneider as the new LuHi Head Girls Basketball Coach. Josh has been part of the LuHi Coaching Staff since 2018. He has served as both the assistant varsity coach for girls' basketball and the assistant varsity baseball coach at Lutheran.


9 Benefits of Playing High School Sports

It’s a competitive world out there when it comes to academics. Many students strive for a 3.0 GPA as a baseline average, and it’s much higher for students interested in attending a top university. Add to that requirements for standardized test scores, and the pressure really rears its ugly head. At LuHi, we’ve got a strong academic support system, and we like to remind our students to participate in a well-rounded life as much as they can. While there is a lot of pressure to perform academically, having an outlet for physical activity, as well as a place to build life skills outside of academics is incredibly important.


Meet the new LuHi Tennis Coach, Matt Henning

Lutheran High School is excited to welcome Matt Henning to the LuHi coaching family! Matt is taking over as the LuHi Girls Tennis Coach and will start his first season with us this spring season.


Meet LuHi's new wrestling coach, Patrick Stiles

LuHi is excited to welcome Patrick Stiles as the newest member of the LuHi coaching family. Patrick will be starting up the LuHi Wrestling program as it’s head coach.


Lion Pride! - How LuHi has Built a Strong Athletic Program

Pursue Excellence in Competition – Both on and Off the Field 


Spotlight on Track & Field — Training for Excellence

Our Top Track Program

Lutheran High School’s track program has a history of success. Student athletes are breaking records and turning out champion performances every year. The track and field team is led by Coach Darwin Horan, who brings a passion for sportsmanlike competition to the training, along with a real desire to help high school athletes become the best versions of themselves. 


Meet Softball Coach Glen Maestretti

LuHi is excited to introduce a new softball program in the spring of 2020! Let’s give a warm welcome to one of our new softball coaches, Glen Maestretti. 


Greater Impact: Why Participation Matters

Commitment to student participation is one of the qualities that sets LuHi apart from other schools. With close to seven hundred students, LuHi is large enough to have the resources to challenge students, but small enough for students to excel in academics and multiple activities.


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