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Excellent Christian education has always been important, but in these changing times, it is life transformational. According to Barna.com, teens across the country are losing their faith in alarming numbers. Generation Z (people born between 1999 and 2015) is the “first truly ‘post-Christian’ generation.” The number of teens who consider themselves to be atheists is twice as many as the general population.

Your gifts to Lutheran High make a significant impact on our students by not only equipping them with knowledge but also by empowering them with the Gospel of Christ so they can change the world.

Senior Treyben Miller is one of those students. “I was a public school kid before I came to Lutheran,” he says. “As much as I didn’t like being at Lutheran the first year, continuing on I found God again. It feels amazing to know that there are people who care about students like me. I’m seeing God’s work in strangers I’ve never met before. I’m able to attend because of tuition assistance and it’s been amazing to be at this school.”

Because God has multiplied donors’ gifts, LuHi has quadrupled in enrollment in the past eight years. Families are attracted to our highly relational environment, excellent academics, caring, talented staff, and our Gospel-centered teaching. And by God’s grace, we are still expanding, so there are many needs that need to be met.

As the Christmas season approaches, we invite you to reflect on how much you’ve been given. "Christmas is a celebration of gifts,” says John Rinks, LuHi’s Donor Advisor. “Jesus came to earth as God's gift to the world. Jesus gave the gift of salvation through His death and resurrection. Families give gifts to each other.”

Giving back is the way we can thank God for his “indescribable gift” in our Savior (2 Corinthians 9:15).


Ways to Give to LuHi

LuHi has a variety of unique needs, so please prayerfully consider giving in one of the following ways. You can donate to LuHi from your Donor Advised Fund, IRA required minimum distribution, appreciated stock, real estate, or cash.

Make a “Greater Impact” with our capital campaign to expand our facilities, including a new educational wing and a future, larger gymnasium, to meet our growing enrollment.

Donate to the RRR Fund (Recruit and Retain Rockstars). With our student enrollment continuing to grow, consider giving to our RRR fund so we can recruit the best of the best teachers.

Give to the Ron Brandhorst Tuition Angel Program. Our aim is to make our exemplary Christian education accessible for all interested families.

Find our current Tuition Angel and RRR fund goals on our Donation Page.

Become an Athletic Booster and contribute to our excellent athletic program, since this budget operates separately from the school operating budget and relies on generous donors.

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Planned Giving and Bequests

Become a member of The Tapestry Society

The Tapestry Society supports the school through estate plans or wills. If you contact us in advance, you choose what you would like your final gift to support; i.e. school programs, tuition assistance, facilities, etc. Members receive a biannual newsletter with stories of impact. For more information, please contact John Rinks at 714-343-9179 or john.Rinks@LHSParker.org

King Soopers Community Rewards Program

Join the King Soopers Community Rewards program so that a portion of your purchases will go towards LuHi. Create an account at www.kingsoopers.com by either using your loyalty card or alternate ID. Once you have logged in, select ‘My Account’ and then ‘Community Partners’. Search for Colorado Lutheran High School or select organization number RD414.

American Furniture Warehouse

When you shop at AFW, the school will receive a portion of your purchase as a donation. Tell the cashier you’d like to support Lutheran High School (LHS165).

LuHi Gives Back to the Community

Ephesians 2:8 says, “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith - and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.” At LuHi, we are so grateful for our many undeserved blessings and want to give back to God by serving our community.

Our ‘Saved to Serve’ program helps us stay focused on that mission. Each student is asked to complete 20 service hours each year for LuHi, another school, a church, a nonprofit organization, or even to individuals. Not only does it remind us of the generosity we’ve been shown, but it allows us to share the love of Christ.

God has richly blessed the ministry of LuHi through the generous gifts of our donors and He continues to make a difference in the lives of our teens and their families. Thank you for your gifts and your prayers! Proverbs 22:9 says, “The generous will themselves be blessed.” May you be blessed for your generosity, remembering the generous grace God extended to you!