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College & Career Guidance

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What does college readiness look like?

Getting students into the university and program of their choice is important to Lutheran High. We work with students individually to ensure they are prepared for college and adulthood.

2019 LuHi Grads were offered $5,301,080 in college merit scholarships over four years. This averaged out to be over $51,400 per student.

College prep goes beyond academic statistics

As important as impressive test scores and honors classes are, we place a high value on developing life skills such as conflict resolution, time management, and effective communication. Our goal is to develop the full person.

LuHi Student Average ACT, top 25%: 31

LuHi Student Average SAT, top 25%: 1356

LuHi's ACT/SAT test & college application code: LHS CEEB CODE - 060-417

Guidance Counselor: Denise Noffze
denise.noffze@lhsparker.org, (303) 841-5551 ext 212
Assistant Guidance Counselor: Jenny Quinlan

Advisor Meetings

Each Junior is assigned a one-on-one College Advisor. The Advisor acts as a personal guide to walk with students through the college search and application process. Juniors have 4 meetings with their Advisors throughout the year to discuss:

  • the right college fit
  • finding scholarships
  • application requirements
  • time management and organization when applying for college

Each Senior will meet with Ms. Noffze & their College Advisor 3-4 times during the first semester. Additional meetings will take place throughout the second semester to ensure the path to college is as smooth as possible. During these meetings, you will discuss college acceptance letters, financial aid packages, transcript needs, and any additional questions you have.

College Drive

ACT and SAT test prep is important for getting into the college of choice and earning scholarship money. Freshmen and sophomores take practice ACT and SAT tests each semester.

Juniors get 18 hours of test prep from College Drive to further prepare them for the tests they will send off to colleges.


Naviance for College Planning Success

We use Naviance for a variety of features including resume building, transcript requests, career assessment tools, scholarship applications, college visit planning, and more.

Learn More About Naviance

Where our grads go

LuHi has a 100% graduation rate. Ninety-six percent of LuHi graduates attend four-year colleges and universities across the country. The remaining 4% of LuHi grads attend two-year colleges, join the military, or begin their careers.

An impressive 29% of LuHi seniors were accepted to Top 100 Universities as rated by US News Magazine. In the past five years, LuHi grads have been accepted to Top 100 Universities including:

  • Stanford University
  • University of Denver
  • Colorado School of Mines
  • Ohio State University
  • Texas A&M
  • Clemson
  • Penn State University
  • Texas Christian University
  • SMU
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • University of Florida
  • Pepperdine

See where LuHi grads  attend college

Graduation Requirements

English = 4.5 credits
Math = 3 credits
Science = 2 credits
Social Science = 3 credits
Physical Education = 2 credits
Fine Arts = 1 credit
Practical Arts = 1/2 credit
Electives = 8 credits

Learn More

Click here to find information on:

  • best practices for applying to college
  • how to apply for the FAFSA
  • resources for writing college essays and autobiographical pages
  • creating a resume
  • and more.

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